today i learned – thurs 17th aug 2017

alright, as someone who works in digital marketing … in an office … i spend quite a lot of time making (getting confused by) mad excel spreadsheets.

i’ve always thought excel was only good for making confusing formulas and ocd control of borderlines that would make trump jealous 💩 (actual picture of donald), turns out, excel is useful for a lot more than that 😏

#tdil that it is possible to become ‘world champion of microsoft excel’ 🏆😱 … o.m.actual.g 🙌🏻now, you’re probably thinking that i’m talking about some small competition that happens one a year in some small dingy school canteen in the states … nah, this is a legit competition with a $7,000 prize! 💰

the competition in question is actually called the ‘microsoft office specialist world championship’ and it happens every year … apparently 😳 … like, it’s been around for 16 years?! #lolawks

whilst the ‘microsoft olympics’ (yes, i just renamed it) isn’t actually ran by microsoft, it’s the only competition of its kind that is approved by the tech giants.

it’s actually ran by a company called ‘certiport’ … they contract with microsoft to create ‘certification testing and educational materials’ to teach word, excel and powerpoint in schools 👍🏻.

right, i feel like i’ve probably tempted you in 😏 want to know what tasks await you? it’s pretty simple; you basically just get tested through tasks and project on your chosen microsoft office product! (there’s a champion crowned for each) 💻. the tests are designed to prove your proficiency at creating mad documents.

unfortunately, certiport only allow students aged between 15-22 to compete 😕 and they all take it super seriously apparently … they have strict training schedules and everything 😳

if i’m honest, i feel like they’ve seriously messed up on the whole age range thing 🙈 i know zero people in that age range that would even consider entering 😂 … it’s better than pokemon go, i guess!

right! that’s going to do it for me today 🙃 i think that’s probably enough internet for one day 😂 if you feel like you need to read about this year’s excel champion of the world, head ->here<- … it’s actually pretty interesting.

laterz yo! 💁🏼 #tdil


i wonder if there will ever be a ‘useless fact giver champion of the world’ 🤔, i could totally win that! go see for yourself ->here<-

(i’m almost certainly going to get sued for the microsoft office logo 🙃 #yaaaay … the license on wikipedia is ->here<- | the actual header image isn’t anything to do with the championship 🙈 but it’s as scary as i’d expect an excel/word/powerpoint championship to be 😂 license ->here<- | pokemon go image is an edited screenshot from ->here<- and ->here<- #disclaimersfordays)

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