today i learned – tues 15th aug 2017

as you may have heard in the news, big ben is soon to fall silent for a while so that some important restorations can take place 👍🏻 (i think, i haven’t actually read about it).

anyway, with all of this talk of big ben, i thought i’d kind of jump on the band wagon by learning something giant london clock landmark based ⏰ (i’m sure that there used to be a big ben emoji)

#tdil the actual name of the big ben tower and that no one actually knows who the bell was named after 😂 #fail

so, as you may know (because everyone loves getting this fact out) the name big ben isn’t actually that of the big ole tower that you see when you go wander around london – it’s the name of the mad loud bell.

that being the case, have you never just stopped and thought: ‘well, if the bell is called big ben, then what is the actual building called?! big ben’s house? 🤔’ (no? neither have i … makes for a good fact though … so today i did 👍🏻)

apparently, the building (actually called the ‘clock tower’) has apparently had a couple of different names 😎. spending most of its life as ‘st.stephen’s tower’ (because the victorian press would refer to anything house of commons based st.stephen’s xxx – for example: mp’s used to sit in ‘st.stephen’s hall’) the clock tower was renamed in 2012 to ‘elizabeth tower’ … this was in honour of queen elizabeth ii’s 60-year reign 👸🏻.

so, the clock tower and the bell each have their own names … feel like you need to add one more to the mix? well, you’re in luck 😏 the actual clock is called ‘the great clock of westminster’ 🕰 … i guess that’s just because you can never have too many names?

talking of that bell named big ben … it’s time for fact number two! as i mentioned earlier, no one is actually sure who the bell is even named after!? well, they’re not sure who out of two bens the bell was named after.

the first (and most likely) candidate is 19th century engineer and politician, sir benjamin hall. ben was super famous back in the day and was once noted for putting on a long winded speech about what the bell should be named … his name is also inscribed on the bell, so you know… 🙈

the second option is benjamin caunt, a 19th century champion boxer 🥊 … after reading the above, you probably agree that it doesn’t seem that likely in comparison … either way, people in the know consider him an option!

right, i think that’s probably enough random info about a giant clock for one day 🙈 wouldn’t want to fill your brain with too many clock facts 😂

seems a shame that big ben is going to be quiet for a few years 😢 i should probably go read the reasons!

laterz yo! 🙌🏻 #tdil


it’s actually amazing how many random facts there are about big ben … things like there not being a toilet 🚽. you won’t find any more giant clock facts on my blog, but if you go ->here<- you are guaranteed to win at least one pub quiz 😏 (lol jokes)

(hoorayyyyy! zero copyright infringements today because i took that picture myself 😬 #ideal)

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