today i learned – mon 14th aug 2017

now, what i actually learned today was a couple of things: firstly, my massive petrolhead uncle used to be a cyclist who deliberately rode uphill 😳 #umwhat. secondly, lots of many things about North Korea 🙃.

despite this, today’s fact isn’t either of the above 👍🏻 mainly because the first one probably won’t be useful in many pub quizzes and the second might end up with me being blown up by artillery or something #notideal 🔫

#tdil that it’s a myth that your entire body is replaced every 7-10 years 🤔

see, totally unrelated 😂 but still amusing and there’s no risk of political scariness 😭.

anyway! it has often been reported that, as all of our cells are constantly dying and being replaced, our body is completely refreshed every 7-10 years 💪 … meaning that we’re basically super awesome reptile beings that shed all the time.

as fun as that sounds … it turns out that, despite sounding reasonable, it isn’t true 🙃. you see, whilst most of our cells are constantly dying and regenerating at different rates, not all of them are … for example – any neurons in your brain that die, aren’t replaced (which is a worry 😳).

if i’m honest, that’s all i had on that bit … i mainly wanted to get back to the whole ‘different rates of regeneration’ bit because it’s interesting!

all of the many trillion cells around your body have different life spans. your red blood cells have a lifespan of about four months and your white blood cells on average over a year! your skin cells live for two or three weeks and your brain cells (usually) your entire lifetime!

with this in mind … here’s something pretty damn cool – whilst your entire body hasn’t regenerated after 7-10 years, various organs have! this means that you have a new heart every 20 years and new lungs every year or so 😱

this was a pretty quick one … but i really like it 😬 it’s mad to think that your organs/skin/etc are often ‘replaced’ 💪 #literallymental

right, i’m off yo! i hope you enjoyed 👍🏻 if you’ve any ideas for things that you’ve learned/you’d like to know, drop them in the comments 😎

much love 😍 #tdil


winning! another mad human body fact complete 🤓 quite enjoy these human facts! feel like reading more random facts? just go ->here<-

(i literally couldn’t find a decent image for this … so i went with a snake shedding its skin 😂 #thinkoutsidethebox. license is ->here<-)

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