today i learned – sun 13th aug 2017

right, i’m afraid this is going to be another one of those fairly quick ones 😅 got lots to do and all that 👍🏻

any way, today’s fact concerns itself with my dogs’ favourite toy – the frisbee (there’s no emoji for that ☹️).

#tdil that the dude who revolutionised the frisbee, was cremated and turned into frisbees when he died #rip … that’s commitment to the cause!?

so, the gent in question is ‘steady’ ed headrick … whilst he wasn’t the actual inventor of the frisbee, he was a real important guy in the world of the frisbee – in fact, he was often hailed as ‘the father of the modern frisbee’.

why was he considered the father of the modern frisbee? well, until he and his team at toymaker ‘wham-o inc’ get their hands on the frisbee in 1964, they weren’t all that great 😕; they didn’t fly all that well.

steady and the r&d team at wham-o inc fixed the flight issues by adding aerodynamic ridges to the top of the disc, so that it would fly straight and true 🙂. in 1966, ed was awarded the patent for the first ‘professional’ model frisbee and subsequently went on to make lots of disc sports – like frisbee golf – popular ⛳️.

as you can tell, ed was a lover of the frisbee … so much so that he wanted his ashes to be turned into frisbees when he died. that’s exactly what happened when he sadly passed away in 2002 😢.

the commemorative frisbees that his ashes were used for were given to family, friends and some sold to help fund a frisbee/disc golf history and memorabilia museum 😬.

it’s always great to see someone with so much passion for something! it seems like ed really loved what he did … there’s a lot to be learned from people like him – even if you aren’t into frisbees!

anyway! that’s a wrap (rap?) for today 🖖🏻 i shall catch you again tomorrow 😎

muchos lovous 😘 #tdil


well, that was a fun little fact! 🙂 go forth and be as committed and passionate as steady ed! 👍🏻 in the meantime, go read more things ->here<- … (it just occurred to me that it’s the 13th … which means the blog is seven months old! #mad)

(my dogs absolutely love frisbees 🙊 … the dog in that picture isn’t mine … but still 🙃 licence ->here<-)

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