today i learned – fri 11th aug 2017

alright, we’re talking about one of my favourite things today – sugar covered doughy treats … aka doughnuts 🍩 (or donuts, depending how you feel like spelling it 👍🏻)

had an amazing doughnut the other day … looked like something out of the simpsons, it was rather glorious 😱 anyway …

#tdil the reason why doughnuts have a hole in the middle of them 🤓.

you know, it’s actually quite amazing how many theories there are about the mystical hole in the middle of doughnuts!? it’s a topic that is far from cut and dry 😒 … it’s never easy is it!

literally my favourite theory is that the hole was put there so that sailors could store them on the steering wheel of ships ⛵️ … you know, so they could stack a load on each little wooden notch 😬

apparently, that isn’t the case though 😭 which is rather sad – i quite like the thought of captain jack nomming away on doughnuts whilst fighting other pirates! 👨🏻‍✈️ (how is there no pirate emoji?!)

whilst no one actually seems to know the real reason … there are two that seem to be widely accepted as the most likely (they might even be linked!).

the first is to do with when the holey doughnut 🍩 actually appeared on the scene – it was the same time as when bagels became super popular in new york. as you probably know, bagels have a hole; this hole was used for displaying the bagels in the bakeries – the bakers would store the bagels on a wooden dowel.

it is thought that the same happened with doughnuts – bakers just started putting holes in them so that they could store them in a more efficient way 👍🏻

the other theory (which might be part of the above) is that the hole allows the doughnut to be cooked evenly throughout 😏 … according to actual people who know about baking (not me) this is pretty feasible.

as it is, no one really knows the 100% actual reason … to the point that one guy even has a plaque in his hometown for ‘inventing the hole in doughnuts’ even though his story forever changed!?

maybe i’ll reach out to krispy kreme and see if they can help me? 🤔 you know, i might just do that!! … i shall get back to y’all with a sit rep (situation report) soon 🙂

speak soon you beautiful lot 😘

much love 😍 #tdil


whilst you wait for me to speak to krispy kreme ❤️ why not go enjoy some more of my blog posts? there has been some epic stuff about black holes recently! just go ->here<-

(apparently, i can use that picture without attribution … i’m still going to give you a link though … just feels right! it’s ->here<-)

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