today i learned – thurs 10th aug 2017

after yesterday’s random ole journey to pregnancy town, we’re getting back to normality to discuss massive scary animals 😏

well, extinct massive scary animals … the kind that used to eat all the things … and possibly sang ace of spades every now and then 😎. anyway, enough waffle.

#tdil that there is an ancient crocodile that has been named ‘lemmy’ after the lead singer of motörhead 🤘🏻

so yeah, the great lemmy has a mad 5.8 metre (19 foot) long ancient crocodile named after him 😍 that is actual goals … like, actual 100% life goals.

the beast has been named lemmysuchus and it lived in the coastal waters around britain (we used to be cool) a whole 145 million years ago 😱🐊

whilst it may have been huge and scary, its metre long face housed a load of blunt teeth that were designed to crush turtle shells and bones ☠️ … i wish we still had mad crocodiles and turtles in our coastal waters!

anyway, why on earth has a giant crocodile, that was originally found in 1909, been suddenly renamed? 🤔 well, in a #awks turn of events, it had been classified incorrectly 😳.

the naming merh was figured out by a palaeontologist at the university of edinburgh named michela johnson, whilst she was conducting research. turns out that most of the previous finds were actually relatives of the lemmy croc and weren’t the same animal 🙃. that meant that there was space to rename the main species!

the name was suggested by lorna steel, a curator at the national history museum, and is an epic nod to the motorhead front man who sadly passed away in 2015 😢.

i really hope that one day i’ll be such an influence that someone names a prehistoric beast after me! 😭 (i doubt it) … to be honest, i think i’d be more suited to a distant relative of the sloth 😂

right, that’s all the info that i have! go forth and become a mental rock star so that people name things after you! 😬

ta ta! 🤙🏻 #tdil


it’s nice to be back to normal 😍 i’m definitely more suited to animal facts than baby tidbits 🙈 anyway, go make your own mind up by going ->here<-

(that image is the mad crocodile in question 😎 #beast. picture is copyright mark witton/trustees of the natural history museum london … i think it originated ->here<-)

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