today i learned – weds 9th aug 2017

i’ve a feeling that this could be quite a short one 😳 i know i say that a lot, but on this occasion i mean it.

a ricky gervais podcast taught me this fact 🙈 regardless, even after a period of research, i’m still pretty fascinated by it!

#tdil that all humans on earth spent a whole 30 minutes as a single cell! 📱 (there isn’t an emoji of a single cell … so there’s a ‘cell’ phone 😏)

if you think about it, it totally makes sense that we all started out as a single cell … like, everything has to start somewhere – even human beings! 😬 admittedly, those days were simpler times … single cell chills were the one 🤙🏻.

anyway, the reason for the 30 minutes spent as a single cell is that it takes approximately that long for the fertilised egg to divide for the first time. from there, it goes all out and keeps dividing! ➗

by day three, the egg has divided into 8-cells and is now called a ‘zygote’ (what an epic name … we basically all sort life as an alien 👽).

the zygote contains chromosomes from both the mom and dad – 23 from each, to be exact – they will determine a few very important things … things like eye colour, sex and hair colour 👶🏻

from there, the division continues! it actually escalates pretty quickly 😳 four days after fertilisation, the zygote consists of 100 cells and is now called a ‘blastocyst’ … seriously?! a blastocyst?! was the dude/dudette who made these names up watching a sci-fi movie at the time!? #whatislife 👽

anyway, there’s not much else to say 🙃 the blastocyst just implants itself into the uterine wall and things continue to escalate until you have a small creature to look after 👶🏻 #hellopeoplecarrier #byeporsche (you can see where my priorities lay 😂🚗)

and that is that! this post actually ended up a pretty good length! #ideal 👍🏻 … although, in retrospect, kiko bun’s ‘sticky situation’ was an awks song to listen to whilst writing something like this 😂. anyhew, have a good day y’all! 🙂

au revoir 🤠 #tdil


we’ve never had something like this on the blog! it was refreshing and damn interesting – i hope you enjoyed 😬 if you feel like you need more, just go ->here<-

(look how damn cute today’s main image is 🙊 o.m.actual.g 👶🏻 … the license for that super cute image is ->here<- … same place as yesterday … hope i’m allowed to use them 😳)

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