today i learned – sun 6th aug 2017

i’ll be honest, i’ve another sunday headache 😭 (which is a legit thing) so don’t expect anything too profound 😂

anyway, i’ve just finished watching interstellar again 😍 (literally the best film ever 🚀) and thought that i’d write about that today! 👍🏻

#tdil that the wormhole and black hole depicted in the film took both a really long time to create and required brand new tech 😳

they were actually designed through a collaboration between dr. kip thorne and the team at double negative, using real science! 👨🏻‍🔬

before we start, it’s definitely worth discussing who dr. kip thorne actually is 👍🏻 he’s a physicist … it was on his work that the method of space travel in the film was based 🤓.

thorney even set ground rules when the film’s production started that it couldn’t violate established physical laws and that all of the speculation in the film would be based on science and not whatevs nolan get like throwing in 🙈

anyway, to that end, creation of the wormhole and black hole on screen was based upon pages and pages of theoretical equations. these equations were given to vfx supervisor paul j.franklin and his double negative team … they subsequently created brand new software that could create accurate simulations in cgi.

from there, it took a really long time for the two phenomena to be rendered … like, some individual frames took 100 hours to render?! 😶 that makes photoshop’s rendering capabilities look like a super computer!

all-in-all the subsequent cgi was a whole 800 terabytes of data and it helped to provide our good dr a new insight into the effects of gravitational lensing and the disks surrounding black holes … he even wrote two papers on it!

that’s some serious commitment to getting it all correct! 😵 just think how many frames must have gone into each scene that included the wormhole and the black hole!? it must have taken literally thousands of hours 😳.

with that in mind … here’s some more exciting news that i (partially) learned today! #bonus – scientists might have actually taken a photo of a real life black hole!!! now, that really is mental 😱. i haven’t looked into it properly yet (because brain hurt) so maybe that’s one for tomorrow? 🤔

right, that’s going to do us for today! as you can probably tell, 100 hours did not go into writing this post 😂 … either way, i hope you enjoyed!

ta rahhhh! 🚀 #tdil


i wonder how many hours have gone into this blog altogether 🤔 wonder how many frames i could have created? feel like seeing some of those other posts for yourself? just go ->here<-

(that picture today is what some people think a black hole looks like 👍🏻 it’s mad! license is ->here<-)

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