today i learned – fri 4th aug 2017

apparently it’s national beer day today … well, according to facey-b it is – so it has to be true?! as such, i was initially going to do a beer based fact today 🍺

however, in my search for beer based facts, i stumbled upon something much much better (and loosely related to beer).

#tdil of the existence of a sport called ‘wife carrying’ 😅

yep, it’s exactly what it says on the tin 😂 it’s a sport where a man literally carries a woman (possibly his wife) on his back 🤣 (there aren’t enough laughing emojis for this one).

so yeah, the sport consists of a group of men carrying women on their backs whilst navigating an obstacle course as quickly as possible 🏃🏻. tedious link to beer – the winner receives his wife’s weight in beer 🍻.

originally, the sport was started in finland and the official finnish name is ‘eukonkanto’. apparently there are now wife carrying championships in the uk, the usa, hong kong, estonia and a lots of other countries 🌎 it’s like, a totally legit thing?! it’s even got a section of the guinness book of world records!? 😳

the big leagues aka ‘the wife carrying world championships’ take place in sonkajarvi every year … they started back in 1992.

wondering how the sport even started? well, there are a few different theories – all of which start in finland and all of which concern themselves with thieves stealing women … in some capacity 👮🏻 (i planned to go deep into this, but it’ll just be long and the above pretty much explained it!)

anyway, back to the modern day sport! there are quite a lot of rules in the sport of wife carrying 😳 a lot more than you’d expect … one of which is simply that all involved must be having fun! 😬

other rules include: the legal carrying techniques, the minimum weight of a ‘wife’ (49kg) and the official length of the obstacle course (253.5 meters … that .5 is really important 🙃).

you know what, i’m gonna stop talking … i think the only way to truly appreciate his magnificent sport is to watch it 😂 … here’s a video for your viewing pleasure:

i’ll be honest, that looks more dangerous for the wives than anything!? 😳 there were at least three near drownings in that one clip!! hmmmm, i feel like the wife should also win a prize (something nicer than a shed-load of beer).

anyway, i guess you’re smarter than you were … in a totally useless way? that’s what we’re all about on this here blog 👍🏻

ta for reading, catch ya tomozza 😘

au revoir 🍺 #tdil


you know, this blog is a real mixed bag 😂 yesterday we discussed a job vacancy for the real life starlord and today a sport where you carry wives?! god i love this blog 😍 go read more things ->here<-

(image today is a mad action shot that came from flickr … more precisely, lisaa kuopio – takho … license is ->here<-)

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