today i learned – thurs 3rd august 2017

now, i’m really really lucky to have a job that i properly enjoy … like, i basically do what i dreamt of as a kid 😍.

even so, i can’t help but really want the job that i learned about today 😬 i’m pretty sure you’ll agree as soon as you hear the job title 😏

#tdil that nasa is currently hiring a new ‘planetary protection officer’ 😎 … i’m sorry, but that is the coolest job title ever.

honestly, that’s a genuine job title that someone will end up with when they get the job! now, you might think that it’s one of those jobs that sounds awesome but is actually really boring 🤓 … nah, it’s pretty good.

as planetary protection officer, you’d be in charge of making sure that aliens don’t come and take over the planet 👽 #nopressure #wherewereyouduringindependenceday … you’d also be in charge of protecting other planets and space from us … you know, because pollution and stuff.

now, that second bit is actually quite important … as there are very strict international rules governing the prevention of biological contamination outside of earth 🌕.

in fact, nasa actually go through some pretty hefty things to make sure that they don’t hurt the martian worlds that they explore – for example: all of the rovers that go to mars have been packaged inside a bioshield and baked in a giant oven to kill all germs and organisms (didn’t know this!)

as planetary protection officer, it’d be your job to make sure lots of things like this happen 👍🏻 … don’t want to be ruining the rest of the universe as well as here!

so, what do you get other than the world’s coolest job title? how does between $124,000 and $187,000 a year sound? 🤑 could it be the actual perfect job!? you basically get paid lots to protect the entire universe (well the bits we can actually explore 🚀)

you know what … when you put it like that, the pay packet doesn’t actually sound big enough 🙈 if i’m preventing alien armageddon, then i expect at least one more zero! 💰💰

feel like you have what it takes to be the real life starlord? well, go forth and apply ->here<- … my fellow brits will also require a visa … and possibly some other bits … like becoming totes american 🇺🇸

anyway, i’ll leave you with that! go apply for the bestest job ever and remember me when you’re super awesome and famous 🙌🏻 please let me have a go in a rocket 😬

until tomorrow!!!! 😘

byyyyeeeeeee 👽 #tdil


i can only dream of a job title like that one day 😍 until that day, you can read through some other blog posts ->here<- (those things aren’t linked … but you know, love a tedious link 🤙🏻)

(really struggled to find an image for this today 😳 so i had to go for an epic meme … don’t know who or where to credit it 🙃 … i think the whole internet owns all memes any way, so… 💁🏼)

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