today i learned – weds 2nd aug 2017

have you ever just looked at someone fairly useless and just thought “how do you even manage to life?!” 😳

in the animal kingdom, i guess the equivalent entity to this would be the jellyfish … like, they have no bones, no heart and no brain … how are they even a thing?! 🤔 well:

#tdil how jellyfish are even alive 🐙 … i also learned that they aren’t even fish!? 🐠 (there isn’t a jellyfish emoji … so octopus will have to do 💁🏼)

so yeah, first things first – jellyfish aren’t fish, they’re actually classed as plankton 🦐. this is on account of them having none of the aforementioned important items (brain/heart/bones) and the fact that they have very limited swimming ability. much like hot air balloons (i could have sworn that there used to be a hot air balloon emoji … this isn’t going well), jellyfish travels are mainly based upon the currents 🌬.

right, now that we have that out of the way … it’s time to move on to the rather mental question of how a creature that is 95% water and has neither of the two most important organs (for humans, anyway) even exists in the first place!?

well, when you consider the heart question, you need to think about why we have a heart and why it’s so important. we, of course, use the heart to pump oxygen around the body … because we have thick skin and muscles and stuff.

jellyfish, however, have an outer layer – named the ‘ectoderm’ – that is super thin … like a few cells thick … so oxygen just diffuses it’s way directly through 👍🏻 #efficiency.

now, the awkward lack of brain thing – it certainly makes thinking difficult 🙈. due to the lack of brain, jellyfish use a host of basic sensory nerves, that sit at the bottom of their tentacles, to sense light, temperature, smells, etc.

they basically just react to the things that they sense … there’s no thought going into it … it’s like how we all operate before that first coffee of the day! ☕️

they also have a basic digestive system to ensure that enough nutrients etc get passed around the ‘body’ … so that the jellyfish can go on surviving. they literally are just a plastic bag that has so sensors 😳 #awks

i actually find them fascinating, even more so now that i’ve learned more and written this. i think i’ll look in to jellyfish even more – it’s just mental that something so simple could be a legit thing that is alive!?

if you would also like to learn more, my sources can be found ->here<- and ->here<-

anyway, with that little mind explosion (was for me 🤙🏻) it’s time for another blog post to come to an end! hope you enjoyed 😬

goodbye!! 🐠 #tdil


how mental are jellyfish?! you know what else is mental? the rest of the content on this blog 😎 go see for yourself ->here<-

(despite just being a glorified plastic bag, jellyfish are actually quite pretty 😍 … the license for using that bad boy up there ^^ can be found ->here<-)

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