today i learned – mon 31st july 2017

of all of the random stuff that has appeared on this blog … i’m going to go ahead and say that this is one of the more surprising 😂.

today, we’re heading into a wonderful world that combines corn with shoes 🤔 confusing, huh?

#tdil that the original measurement used for shoe size was ‘barleycorn’ 😳

yep, that’s right … those little barley seed looking things (which are apparently called barleycorn and i can’t explain them … so hopefully i’ve included an image) were used to measure people’s feet?!

originally, barleycorn was used as the shoemaker’s mate in roman times but it was later named the official unit of measurement of shoes by king edward of england in 1324 … there was an official decree and everything 👍🏻 #totallyofficial

so, wondering how it worked? well, apparently it was decided by king eddy that three pieces of barleycorn was exactly an inch. they’d then use that as a way to figure out how big your foot was 👣

apparently, 39 barleycorn would be the equivalent of a modern day size 13 … the average shoe size of english men. kiddies tended to be 1-13 barleycorns.

want to know something even more mental? the mad barleycorn system is still in use today – it’s the official basis of show measurements in the uk and ireland 😲 … how have i never heard this before?!

right, that’s that y’all! why on earth did someone back in ancient times (king eddy basically just stole it from super old times … kind of) decide that barleycorn was the best thing for the job!? like, what? 😂

anyway, they must have been on to something … i mean, it’s still in use today sooooooo … 💁🏼

my source can be found ->here<- … just in case you want to learn more about shoes 👍🏻

i’m rambling …

ta rah! 🤙🏻 #tdil


this one was a bit weird … definite pub quiz fodder 😏. fancy reading some more interesting facts? all you have to do is go ->here<- (please go there, it’ll make me happy 😢)

(as promised, barleycorn is the image today … kind of … each of the little ‘seeds’ on that big piece of corn are the barleycorn. license is ->here<-)

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