today i learned – sat 29th july 2017

despite the fact that i’ve spent all day with mad racing cars 🏎 … today’s fact is going to be about presidents and planes ✈️ (that should be an album).

originally, I’d wanted to get another shark week fact in there … but i didn’t learn anything fun about them today 😭

#tdil that air force one isn’t actually one plane … it’s any air force plane that the president is on 🤙🏻

so yeah, i had always been under the impression that there was a single specific plane that was called ‘air force one’ and it was always used by the president … wrong!

turns out that which ever air force plane the president decides to get on inherits the ‘air force one’ call sign … if the vice president or another senior official is flying, it’s actually called ‘air force two’ 🛫

random trivia for y’all pub quiz peeps: when richard nixon resigned as president in 1974, he was on a plane with the callsign air force one … as he stopped being president half way through his flight, they had to change the callsign mid-flight 😳.

now, whilst air force one is technically just a callsign, it is usually applied to one of the president’s two 747s ✈️ … really old 747s 😅 like, they entered service under ronald reagan in 1990!

even so, they’re pretty awesome! they’re basically just a white house that can fly. from one of the many offices aboard the planes, the president can run the country whilst travelling close to the speed of sound … thanks to in-air refuelling capabilities, the president can stay airborne forevs! 😱 i would literally run the country from 40,000ft!

and there you go! you now know all about mad president airplane goodness! … i guess the important question here is – is it still called air force one if trump is onboard? 🤔 #notaproperpresident #awks

anyway … as per usual … sleep is really really needed 😭

tatty bye! 😴 #tdil


that was pretty interesting, wasn’t it?! fancy learning some more gubbins? you just need to go ->here<-

(genuinely amazed that i could find a picture of air force one that was actually usable for free!? epic! anyway, license is ->here<-)

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