today i learned – fri 28th july 2017

i don’t feel like i’ve been giving the blog enough time recently 😕 it’s been a super busy week, so all of these facts have been a little rushed 😒 #sozza.

i’m afraid that today’s is going to be the same 🙈 not only is it late but i’m mad tired after an 11 hour work day and have another early morning looming 🙃.

#tdil that the little dot that’s sits at the top of the letter ‘i’ actually has a name?! who knew! 😱

it actually has quite an amusing name … it’s called a ‘tittle’ 😂 (i have no idea why i find that name so funny 🙈). whilst it may just look like a combination of the words ‘tiny’ and ‘little’ … the word is actually derived from the latin ‘titulus’ which means ‘inscription, heading’.

the first tittles were seen in 11th century latin manuscripts as a way of individualising the letter ‘i’ and ‘j’ … they were pretty large 😅. no bother, when the roman-style typeface appeared in the late 1400s, it became the toned down dot that we see today 👍🏻.

tittles are a type of diacritic dot. usually diacritic dots like tittles would be classed as a ‘glyph’ … however, as i and j are still regarding as i and j even without the tittle … they aren’t classed as a glyph #leftout.

right, there isn’t really all that much more to say 😂 i’m amazed i managed to say this much!

i’m never going to look at the letters i and j the same ever again 🙈 not now that i’ve seen their tittles 😅😅

i think i should definitely go to bed 😴

in a bit 😎 #tdil


whilst this one may have seemed like it was a bit pointless … it’ll totally win you a pub quiz one day 🤓 let’s be honest, that’s what this blog is all about 😂 fancy finding out more pub quiz winners? just go ->here<-

(no mad image copyright disclaimers today … i made that image myself 😏 #photoshopgod)

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