today i learned – thurs 27th july 2017

you know, nature is a pretty amazing thing … somehow, be it through god or otherwise, it has created incredible animals that adapt to all walks of life in unique ways.

even so, there are some combinations that even hollywood directors leave alone 😳 i feel that this is one of them.

#tdil of the existence (well … it used to be a thing) of a shark-like creature that basically had a buzzsaw in its mouth 🙃

yep, that’s right – a buzzsaw. basically, imagine taking a great white shark, making it bigger and then sticking a giant buzzsaw in its mouth 😭.

this mental animal was called ‘helicoprion’ and it died out a really long time ago #phew. due to the mad 360-degree spiral of teeth that sat in its mouth, it was nicknamed the ‘buzzsaw killer’ 😅.

initially, due to the fact that only partial fossils had been found, it was thought that the buzzsaw killer was just 10 to 13 feet in length … nawww cute 🙊. not exactly, recent studies concluded that it was actually more likely to be 30 to 40 feet in length – you know, casually double the size of even the biggest great white on record 😳.

from its mad saw to its size, everything about helicoprion is pretty ridiculous … like, we’re talking about a fish that used what is basically a circular saw to cut its prey up?! as you can probably imagine, it really confused the peeps who first discovered it 🙈.

the confusion was compounded by the fact that initial findings were little more than a partial fossilised ‘tooth whorl’ … not much to go on 😕. there were all sorts of theories about where the saw-like fossil would have originated – the founders thought it was probably a defensive mechanism; it was only recently that it was determined the saw lived in the mouth.

you’ll notice that i’ve been referring to the buzzsaw killer as a ‘fish’ and not a ‘shark’ … that’s because, despite being similar to sharks, it actually belongs to a different fishy species.

helicoprion is actually classed as a ‘chimaera’ – a deep sea fish with a big head, big eyes and a supplementary sexual organ on its forehead 😂 (i couldn’t not include that 😅).

boom! you’re now smarter than you were five minutes ago 😏 #yourewelcome. granted, this was a fairly brief explanation of helicoprion but i feel that i got the important bits in!

if you’d like to learn more about this mental fish, then you’ll find my source of info ->here<- … i’ve read it all and it’s actually pretty fascinating!

i’m going to leave you with that and have chainsaw fuelled nightmares 🙃

night!! 🤙🏻 #tdil


today’s little fact was pretty little … but it was pretty awesome #smallbutmighty 🦈. if you’d like to read more posts like this, you should go ->here<-

(image came from the same source that i learned this info! you should go read it!)

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