today i learned – weds 26th july 2017

so, it’s no secret that the government is all about cutting emissions at the moment … possibly because it’s trendy or possibly because they just hate cars #becauseboring 😒

anyway! whilst writing about today’s announcement that new sales of petrol and diesel cars will end in 2040 … i learned something amazing 🙊

#tdil part of the new plans to cut vehicle emissions could be the removal of speed bumps in the uk! 😬😬😬😬

as someone who has owned multiple stance (very low) cars – you’ll have seen my current vehicle “50 shades of gold” aka “taylor drift” – this proposal makes me rather damn excited 😏 i really hate speed bumps 🙃.

this proposal was actually mentioned in april, i just failed to know if its existence. basically it’s all down to the government tasking all local councils with reducing the amount of air pollution … you know, encouraging people to use public transport or car-share … along with many other things, such as calming traffic flow.

right, getting back to the point in hand; you’re wondering how the removal of speed bumps would help reduce air pollution, aren’t you? well, when you have to slow down for a speed bump and then speed back up again, you actually double the amount of emissions that you put out! 😱

as mentioned, this is all part of the same ‘clean air strategy’ that was talked about today … meaning that it’s another part of the plan that includes stopping the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040 – something i was dead against until i realised it was just new car sales and not pre-existing cars 😏.

anyway, without going into super depth on all of the plans that were unveiled today, there’s not actually much more to say 😅. not gonna lie, i’m totally all for speed bumps being a thing of the past 🙌🏻.

i’m going to leave it there because super late! tomorrow, i promise i’ll be more organised 😳

much love 😍 #tdil


pretty brief post today … but still, got all the important info in! if you want in depth legislation stuff, go to the bbc! … if, however, you want more actually digestible content like this, just go ->here<- 🤙🏻

(have 100% of the rights to use that image today! it’s my car and my picture 😏 … that said, it has been edited by the carographer … go check out his insta ->here<- … it’s sick and full of better cars than mine 🙃)

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