today i learned – tues 25th july 2017

unlike yesterday’s failed attempt at a shark based fact for #sharkweek 🦈, today has been a success 😏.

because we’re damn super cool on this here blog, we’re gon’ be super awesome and combine two parts of popular culture – selfies and shark week #goals.

#tdil that (in 2015 at least) more people die due to selfies than shark attacks 😳 #awks

so yeah, these stats are actually based on a few articles that i found out there on the internetweb. turns out that, in 2015, people sucked hard at taking selfies and sharks apparently weren’t all that hungry 🤔.

well, that’s a bit of a lie, 2015 was a bumper year for shark attacks; setting mad records before the number of attacks dropped back down to average again in 2016. the death toll even dropped one to eight! ☠️

anyway, back to the fact at hand. in 2015, a total of nine people were killed by sharks 😢 … but … 12 people died because selfie?! like, c’mon people?! what on earth are you doing!?

how did people die taking selfies? well, surprisingly, it wasn’t doing the crazy stunts that you’re currently thinking 🙈 they’re generally mundane things like falling down stairs or being gored by wild animals 😳.

how mental is that? those crazy dangerous fish that everyone is afraid of, aren’t all that scary after all! well, not exactly 🙃.

whilst sharks tend to bite people because they’re a bit curious (or think you’re a seal), people have already died in the first seven months of this year due to shark attacks ☹️ …

sadly, google on my phone won’t load past the first four listings … but i can say that there have been at least two deaths due to shark attacks #rip.

anyway! i’m waffling, so i’m going to go to bed 🙈 this was a short but sweet post today … maybe we’ll have another #sharkweek post tomorrow as well 😬 let me know!

right, ta taaaaa 🤓 #tdil


i don’t think we have enough shark facts on this blog! we totally need more! in the mean time, you should go read my other posts ->here<-

(today’s image is a meme … i still haven’t figured out if everyone can use memes wherever they want 🤔 haven’t been sued yet so, you know … anyway, came from ->here<- … go look, there’s loads of shark memes there 👍🏻)

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