today i learned – mon 24th july 2017

didn’t mean to learn this today … originally, i was looking for facts about sharks #sharkweek but i stumbled upon this and found it interesting! 🦈

it’s still relevant … because it’s still about animals … you just need to add land and remove all fins 🙈🐍

#tdil that cobras are actually deaf to ambient noises 😳 … bit embarrassing for all dem snake charmers 😅

to be honest, it’s a tad #awks 🙈 i mean, all these snake charmers have been making mad tunes for snakes and they can’t even hear them!! 🙃

but, if the snake’s deaf, you may question why it seems to move with the music? 🤔 well, apparently the snake follows the visual cue of the flutes movement and not the music that it makes. cobras can also sense the vibrations of the snake charmer tapping on the floor.

now, at the start i mentioned that cobras are deaf to ambient noises … this means that they aren’t actually deaf! they can hear stuff, but like other snakes, not all that well 👂🏻

you see, snakes don’t have any visible ears but they do have traces of an ear organ inside their head … attached to their jaw. this allows them to hear low frequency sounds and to sense vibrations very efficiently 👍🏻

this weird hearing setup contains no ear drum but, as mentioned, it does include all the other bits that sense vibrations … basically, snakes effectively hear by feeling vibrations 🐍

when sound waves hit the snake, they vibrate the snake’s skull and it’s weird ear contraption picks it up 👍🏻 cobras then stalk their prey, eventually striking and injecting their super deadly venom 😈

there’s that for today!! so yeah, bit of a rollercoaster 😂 one minute cobras are deaf … the next minute they aren’t (kinda) lololol

i guess they can technically hear … if you count translating vibrations into sound … which i guess is basically all sound is?

anyway! i’ll leave you with that thought 👍🏻

cya! 😎 #tdil


now, whilst this post was pretty unorganised, my other posts aren’t 🤙🏻 don’t believe me? you should go read them for yourself ->here<-

(pretty chuffed with today’s picture … such a sick shot of a cobra! i didn’t take it – the license is ->here<- – but still, looks sick!)

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