today i learned – sun 23rd july 2017

today, i have had one of the most stereotypically english days ever … it has been ruddy glorious! it has been tweed galore!

it has also been filled with mad racing cars firing themselves up a really steep hill 🏎 … basically, i’ve been to goodwood but without any of the horrendous queues or commercialism. i also learned some stuff! 😏

#tdil how the phrase “flying by the seat of your pants” came about 🤙🏻 … there’s clue in the phrase, if i’m honest 🙃

so, this actually came about because of an incredibly brave dude chucking his very old racing car into one of the corners on the hill climb (like honestly, i’ve never seen an entire axel wobbly like the knees of a teenage boy that just saw boobs 😂).

originally … i wanted to write about shelsley welsh being the oldest motorsport venue in the world! but i couldn’t find any decent info to flesh it out 😭.

anyway! back to what we’re in about! as the phrase suggests, it came about because of flying 🛩 … more precisely, flying in the 1930s – back when pilots didn’t really have all that many aids to use.

you see, back in the day, pilots tended to rely on their wit and judgment … due to the lack of navigational aids on offer 😅. in 1938, this lack of aids led to the wonderful phrase being created after douglas corrigan took a flight from the usa to ireland.

the phrase actually came about due to reports about the flight in us newspapers … one of them (the edwardsville intelligencer) said – “corrigan flies by the seat of his pants”.

it’s actually pretty funny what happened 😂 a few days earlier, douglas had submitted a plan to fly across the atlantic – it was rejected … mainly due to his plane not being great. he then submitted a plan to fly from brooklyn to california.

however, rather than flying to california, douglas jumped in his plane (named ‘the spirit of $69.60’) and took a casual 29 hour flight to dublin in ireland 🙈. his excuse for this rather large detour? he claimed that his compasses failed 😂.

now, it’s widely believed that what actually happened was a case of ignoring the whole ‘plan declined’ thing … but that’s up for debate 😅.

and there we go! the actual fact learning bit seemed really tiny today 🙈 but it was definitely up there at the beginning and the story of douglas’ flight is rather brilliant!

i’m rather tired, so hopefully this made sense 😂

night y’all 😴 #tdil


i don’t think we’ve had a plane based fact yet on the blog! #firsttimeforeverything. if you feel like double checking and reading more, you just need to go ->here<-

(today’s image is coldplay stood on a flying tortoise … because why not, i guess 🙃)

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