today i learned – sat 22nd july 2017

today i was made aware of something horrific … like, a thing of actual nightmares that totally exists in the real world 🙃. just because this blog is a happy place, i guess 👍🏻.

so yeah, there’s a scene in king kong (not the new one and not the original … the jack black one) where all the dudes get stuck in a hole with many bugs. amongst these bugs, there’s a mad worm with huge teeth … can’t be real … can it? 😳

#tdil that the terrifying toothy worm is totally a real thing and it has teeth made of metal … it’s basically a terrifying bond villain 🤙🏻 #rad

fine, i’ll be honest, it isn’t quite the same thing 😒 but that’s only because it’s smaller … everything else is the same as the terrifying death worm of king kong fame.

in real life, it’s called a blood worm … you may have actually bought bloodworms for your fish before – they love em – but those little things aren’t what we’re on about today.

nope, we’re on about the ones that live in the usa – more precisely, along the atlantic coast – that grow to 35cm long and look generally grim 😅 (there’s a video down there vv if you wanna just see them and skip the reading 😂)

on the face of it, you’d probably wonder what on earth i’m on about?! i mean, they just look like worms?! 🤔 well, it’s the way that they attack their prey that makes them horrendous.

you see, just like the beast from king kong, they have a thing called a ‘proboscis’ that they fire from their face in grim fashion. at the end of this proboscis is a mouth with four teeth 🐍 (<- it’s a worm that bites stuff … a snake is close enough).

the four teeth that the bloodworm has attached to its face are made from copper … they inject a poison into the unlucky sod that the worm attacks, which in turn paralyses the prey. the bloodworm then sucks out all of their innards #happythoughts.

i think the only real way to appreciate just how mad these little creatures are is with the help of the video that taught me this fact. (by the way, you should totally watch all of coyote peterson’s videos)

see! damn horrendous!? like, the literal thing of nightmares 😭 why on earth does something like that need to exist?! at least that dude has a way to earn money … i guess 🙃 #actualmachine

anyway, that’s it from me today … i’m going to go and have horrendous nightmares about killer worms that take over the world. i wonder if, unlike zombies, they can get up stairs? 🤔

ta taaaaa 💩 #tdil


if, like me, you now have nightmares and can’t sleep, why not go fill your time with more random facts about stuff? just go ->here<-

(picture is from wiki … it’s free to use 🤙🏻 license is ->here<-)

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