today i learned – thurs 20th july 2017

i had already written a post got today, but after the news that i’ve just seen, that one can wait until tomorrow.

in some horrendously sad news, chester bennington (of linkin park fame) has passed away.

growing up, that band was a massive part of my life … i’d sit for hours waiting for in the end to play on kerrang … they were the reason that i ever even got into punk and rock.

genuinely heartbroken by the news … it feels only right, that today’s fact is all linkin park.

#tdil how the band linkin park came together.

so, in the beginning, the band was actually called ‘xero’ and was formed by school friends – mike shinoda, rob bourdon and brad delson.

after graduating from agoura high school in california, those three dudes started to take their music more seriously and enlisted joe hahn, dave farrell and mark wakefield to the band.

creating music in mike shinoda’s sketchy bedroom studio, a four track demo – named xero – landed in ‘97. sadly, it didn’t see the band gain a record deal … this prompted then lead vocalist mark wakefield to leave the band.

the search for a replacement took an age! but eventually, chester bennington became wakefield’s replacement. with a new found vitality and sound – thanks to the vocal chemistry between chester and mike – the band was renamed ‘hybrid theory’.

in 1999, hybrid theory dropped a self-titled ‘extended play’. circulating around forums and chat rooms, it became a real big deal.

it was then that the band once again decided to change their name … this time to the name that we all know and love ‘linkin park’.

the name is actually a play on santa monica’s ‘lincoln park’ … the name was originally even going to be lincoln park. why isn’t it? well, they changed it so that they could claim an internet domain name … linkin park was free!

i feel like that’s probably a nice place to stop … we all know what happened with the massive success in 2000 that was hybrid theory. it was and still is a total masterpiece – one that very much shaped me growing up … in a real big way.

if you do want to know more, my source of info and image today is ->here<-

today is a genuinely sad sad day … i’ve never really got it when people were sad that a celebrity had died – now i do.

chester, you will be sincerely missed, the rock world now has a huge hole in it … we’ve lost a man who was not only insanely talented … but one who helped literally shape me, my friends and my generation.

rip chester.

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