today i learned – weds 19th july 2017

i feel like it’s another day when i want to learn about animals 😏 … you know when it’s just been one of those days?

for this particular animal fact, we’re once again off to the arctic to look a polar bears … you might remember that we discussed polar bears not actually being white a little while ago (you can just go ->here<- for that).

#tdil that polar bears are the world’s largest land carnivores 🐻 (there isn’t a polar bear emoji 😔).

so yeah, polar bears are big … like, real big. in fact, on average they’re between 850 and 900lbs 😅 … the largest on record was 12 ruddy feet long!? (i genuinely had no idea that they could eat so big).

that makes them the largest land carnivore on earth 💪, the second largest being kodiak black bears that live in south western alaska 🐻.

wondering what they eat to get so big? mainly cute little seals … but they have been known to eat walrus, beluga whales and even bowhead whale carcasses 🐋.

polar bears actually need to eat an average of 4.4lbs of fat a day to survive … this means that super fatty seals are ideal! each ringed seal weighs around 121lbs and can keep a bear energised for up to eight days 😏 #winning.

and there you have it! today’s (fairly short but sweet) random fact 😬 it’s one of those that might come in use at a pub quiz one day … the quiz master will be all like “what is the biggest land carnivore in the world” and you’ll be all like “hey team, i know this one 😏 #bossedit”

it’s back to cider and family guy for me!

night y’all 🤙🏻 #tdil


not a very long one today, but fun all the same 😬 find yourself longing for more? no worries, just go ->here<-

(surprisingly, it wasn’t all that hard to find another polar bear image that was actually allowed to use 😄 license ->here<-)

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