today i learned – mon 17th july 2017

ok, this is probably going to be a short one 🙈 … like, really short … but i just couldn’t miss this post out!

wondering why? well, it’s about emojis of course! 😂 possibly my favourite things in the whole entire world … i think i actually prefer emojis to people 🙃.

#tdil that today – 17th july – was #worldemojiday 😱😱😱 a whole day devoted to emojis?! #life 🙌🏻

if i’m honest, this post is pretty bitter sweet – i only just found out (at 22:18) that world emoji day was today 😭 so i didn’t get to do any mad emoji celebrations or anything 😢

but, it does mean that i can spread the good word to those people who are behind us time wise, so that they can celebrate those fantastic emoji creations 😬

anyway, you may be wondering why on earth 17th july was chosen for such an important day? turns out, the date was chosen because the apple calendar emoji has 17th july on it! 📆 how else do you choose the date for emoji day?!

now, you’d totally be forgiven for thinking that world emoji day isn’t actually all that important and therefore no one would get involved … you’d be wrong! even the empire state building was lit up in yellow as a celebration of emoji life 🙊

i’ll be honest, there isn’t much more to say 😂 – told you it’d be short! i guess all that is left is for me to say: go forth and emoji! send emojis to everyone … spam your texts … even replace letters altogether if you feel like going full yolo!

wow, this is 100% the most pointless post i’ve ever written 🙈 meh, don’t care … emojis! 🙃🙂😂👍🏻😬🤙🏻🤓😎. this is so going in my calendar for next year!

byeeeeeeee 😏 #tdil


i promise that the rest of my blog isn’t this pointless 😅 there have genuinely been some posts that you’ll find fascinating; we’ve discussed the hole in the sun and everything. to read things that are actually worth your time, just go ->here<-

(today’s image is literally a screen grab of apple’s emoji keyboard … i probably owe them a credit 🙃 so yeah … there it is 👍🏻)

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