today i learned – sat 15th july 2017

right, i’ve been busy having an excellent day and therefore this post is rather late 🙃 … not ideal (for y’all blog readers anyway … i’ve been having a ball! 💁🏼)

anyhew, this is probably going to be a short one 👍🏻 it also completely debunks something that i thought i’d learned … but it turns out, what i learned was wrong 😂.

#tdil how the phrase ‘sleep tight’ originally came around 🤔

so yeah, when i first noted this fact down, i was under the impression that the reason that ‘sleep tight’ existed was because of the kind of beds that people used to sleep in back in t’olden days.

you see, back before people slept on beds like the one with which you’re familiar, their mattress was supported by ropes. in order to have a well sprung mattress, these ropes would need to be nice and tight 🛏.

that whole ‘tight’ element is pretty critical here … it’s the reason that lots and lots of people mistakenly think that the phrase exists … i.e – sleep well due to a well strung mattress due to tight ropes.

turns out, that original meaning isn’t correct #thecakeisalie. in fact, during the time of the aforementioned ropey beds, there isn’t even any proof that the phrase was in general circulation 😒.

instead, the phrase literally just means ‘sleep soundly’ and appeared due to its use in multiple different pieces of literature; notably marie beauchamp’s 1898 novel ‘elizabeth and her german garden’.

in the novel marie uses the word ‘tight’ in the capacity of ‘soundly, properly, well’ –

“And once, when there was a storm in the night, she complained loudly, and wanted to know why lieber Gott didn’t do the scolding in the daytime, as she had been so tight asleep.”

it was stuff like that which led to the phrase that we know today 👍🏻 it also helps that ‘sleep tight’ rhymes with ‘goodnight’ 😴

there you have it 😬 the reason why people say sleep tight! … basically, it’s due to people ages ago using tight in a different way … not massively interesting 😂 but, you know…

right, it’s time for me to sleep! beach tomozza 🏖

sleep tight! 😴 #tdil


that actually turned out to be a tad more boring and a tad longer than expected 😅 … if you go ->here<- i promise that i’ll make it up to you 😏


(i decided that a dog sleeping is much more attractive than a human 👍🏻 look how cute!! license is ->here<-)

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