today i learned – fri 14th july 2017

the pirates of the caribbean theme tune just came on and my life is actually complete 🙌🏻 god i love hans zimmer … dude is just amazing. what a weird way to start a blog post 🙃.

anyway, hans zimmer soundtracks make me super happy and pumped … which is actually pretty relevant to today’s post, if i’m honest.

#tdil that today is the happiest day of the year … according to science … apparently 🤔.

so yeah, this rather bold claim was made by dr.cliff arnall, the same dude who coined the third monday of every january ‘blue monday’ … aka the most miserable day of the year 😭.

there’s actually some science to this apparently … cliff hasn’t just randomly decided these two dates because he was having a good/bad day at the time. nope, cliff used a legit formula 👨🏻‍🔬 to determine exactly what days should wear those two accolades.

what dr.arnall found was that, on 14th july, people are at their happiest due to it being the last day of the week and the day that kids break up for the summer holidays 👍🏻. not only does this relieve stress for families at home, it also helps to ease traffic for all of us … which is always nice 🚙🚕🚗🚕🚌🚗🚕🚙 (<- that’s a traffic jam).

as holidays are only just starting, the kiddies haven’t got bored of the summer holidays yet and students have had time to chill and get over the stress of exam season 😎.

it’s also the time of year when we (supposedly) have the longest and warmest days … meaning lots of garden beer with friends and more time with the fam.

basically, everyone is just having a whale of a time getting ready to doss about in whatever sun happens to appear/getting ready to leave our fair isle for somewhere with guaranteed warm good times.

‘but what on earth does a formula that determines all of these factors even look like?!’ i hear you cry! well, i’ll show you …

interesting isn’t it 🤓 wondering what all of the letters mean? this’ll help … here’s the key:

that formula is actually a little different to the one that was used to determine blue monday. you see, that study was in 2005 and, according to dr.arnall, times have most certainly changed since then #brexit #orangeduderunsamerica

compared to the formula of ‘05, this one considers more factors that concern themselves with things like well being and forward thinking. you’ll notice that it doesn’t include wealth … that’s because years and years of studies have found that money doesn’t make people happier 💵💵.

and there you go … today, you’ve been happier than you have been/will be again this year 🙃 science said so … isn’t that a happy thought 😂

right, on that note, i’m off to eat chicken at nandos and probably sing the nandos song … omg, i’d forgotten about the nandos skank!

regardless of the day you’ve had, me, ed sheeran and example are about to prove the ole doctor right by sharing this video after years of it missing from our lives 😍 #yourewelcome #bestdayever (there is some language … naughty ed sheeran #disclaimer)

see ya again tomorrow dudes 🤓 #tdil

(in retrospect, this would have been more relevant if i’d posted it last night…)


yaaaaaay! we’re all super happy today because science never lies! 😬 if you’re happy and you know it, click ->here<-


(found a new website with images i’m allowed to use! now i’m as happy as those two jumping in the air! 😄 you’ll find it ->here<-)

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