today i learned – thurs 13th july 2017

the blog is a whole six months old today!!!! 🙊 like, what the actual banana … six months?!? i thought this had only been going on for something like three months! #proud #celebrate #mad 🎉🎊

now, i’m going to follow up that happy news with a daunting update i’m afraid – nasa has warned that the apocalypse is coming ☠️ … well, not quite … that just sounded scarier!

#tdil that nasa has found a really rather large hole in the sun ☀️🙃

by ‘really rather large’ i mean a hole that is 75,000 miles wide 😳 it’s so large, in fact, that nasa have given it a name and everything – ar2665 (they could have at least called it something easy, like ‘susan’ … that’s not me saying that anyone called susan is easy 😂).

the hole in the sun is actually called a ‘sunspot’ … this particular one can be seen from earth and it’s a cooler part of the sun’s surface.

nasa’s exact words were:

“a new sunspot group has rotated into view and seems to be growing rather quickly. it is the first sunspot to appear after the sun was spotless for two days, and it is the only sunspot group on the sun at this moment.”

but is this hole in the sun actually a big deal or…? well, apparently, it is a bit of a big deal due to the fact that it has the potential to cause ‘m-class solar flares’ that could wipe out communication satellites 🛰 and possibly interrupt electrical power down here on the ole earth 🌎.

for those who are wondering – a solar flare is a sudden, rapid, intense variation in brightness. they occur when magnetic energy that has built up in the sun’s atmosphere is suddenly released. this subsequently causes a huge amount of radiation to be emitted.

as this radiation is emitted across pretty much the entire electromagnetic spectrum, it sends electromagnetic variations into the earth’s atmosphere and has the ability to knock out the aforementioned communication satellites and power grids … you know, like war of the worlds 👍🏻.

now, before you go off looting shops in an apocalyptic fluster, i should probably tell you that there is no guarantee that any mad solar flares or epic month long power cuts could occur – nasa have actually said that it’s too early to tell exactly how the sunspot will behave.

that just means that we’ll have to wait and see what happens, i guess 😬. i’m sure all will be well 😅 in case it isn’t, go forth and do something crazy #yolo (not too crazy … like, don’t go robbing or anything like that … go moderately crazy)

anyway, enough faffing, do you want to see ar2665 aka susan? 🙊 here’s a timelapse of it being revealed to nasa!

just going back to the whole six month thing, i want to say thank you to everyone for reading my daily mad ramblings about rubbish 🙂 it means a lot that y’all enjoy them … let’s keep learning together! … cheers guys!

anyway, in a bit yo! 🤓 #tdil


yaaaaay, an actually useful fact! 💥 feel like reading some more of my mental ramblings? well, i now have six whole months worth! just go ->here<-


(today’s image is a mad sun based image … i think it’s a solar flare … but i’m not sure i trust wikipedia 🤔 license ->here<-)

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