today i learned – tues 11th july 2017

today’s fact was actually a request! how very exciting 🙊 … more requests please people! 😏

anyway, the request was to do something about hockey pucks … so i have … they actually have quite an interesting past!

#tdil the history of hockey pucks 🏒 … they used to be very different 😳

by ‘very different’ i really do mean very different … like, the original hockey pucks were just a piece of cow dung 💩 a how mental is that?! 😂

whilst the whole cow dung puck is a bit odd, other early pucks were slightly more conventional; they were made out of wood 👍🏻 (although, they were also square 🤓). wooden pucks were used in the early days when ice hockey was played outdoors as it helped keep the puck on the ice (apparently).

when the game did eventually move indoors, however, they started using lacrosse balls … they didn’t like this. for that reason, rink owners started cutting the lacrosse balls into thirds and just using the middle section … ta daaaaaa, the rubber hockey puck is born 😏 (ish).

they kept cutting up lacrosse balls for quite some time but eventually decided that actual rubber pucks should probably be a thing. at first, they were made by sticking two pieces of tire rubber together – that wasn’t ideal as the two parts kept coming unstuck 🙈.

that’s when, in 1940, an improved puck that was made from synthetic rubber hit the scene 👍🏻 … it was all thanks to a dude called art ross 🙂 he was a former hockey hall of famer. this puck had textured edges and everything #oooofancy

that’s kind of where it ends … that became the nhl regulation puck design 🏒. one brucie bonus fact that i will leave you with, however, is the reason why pucks are called pucks 🤙🏻

turns out, it’s because of shakespeare and his famous work: a midsummer’s night dream. in that, a puck was a ‘flighty and mischevious elf’ … if you’ve ever been to an ice hockey game, you’ll know how relevant that is!

the internet has just decided that this blog post needs to be broken … so i has to publish it before it was finished 🙃 sorry if you’re reading this now!

anyway, time to end this actually very interesting post 🙂 i hope that you enjoyed!

byeeeeeeeee 😍 #tdil


getting this thing live was an absolute nightmare 😭 please feel sorry for me and read more posts by going ->here<- 😎


(not gonna lie, you already know that’s a picture of a hockey puck 😳 … license is ->here<-)

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