today i learned – mon 10th july 2017

we’re heading into the world of movie trivia today 🙂 … that, of course, means that today’s fact will be largely useless but interesting all the same 😂

the film in question is a pretty darn good one (in my opinion at least) – it’s hot fuzz 😎 you know, that epic police film with mad laughs 👍🏻

#tdil that the somerfield that features in hot fuzz is the exact store that used to employ the film’s director – edgar wright. (i also learned a couple of other things … mainly to flesh this post out a bit 😂)

so yeah, as a teenager, edgar wright worked at the very store that features in the film 🙂 … in fact, the store’s manager, simon skinner, was actually inspired by wright’s actual real life bossman! (i wonder how he feels about the whole situation 🤔).

it isn’t just the store that edgar is familiar with; the whole film was created in wells … his hometown. that said, edgar did make a couple of amends for the film.

for starters, he digitally erased the huge 500-year old medieval cathedral that sits in the middle of wells. his reasoning? he wanted the fictional village of sandford to be a village … something it can’t be if it has a cathedral ⛪️

that’s all for that bit of trivia! just so that you have some more epic hot fuzz pub facts, here is another interesting fact for you 😏

the film is literally littered with uncredited cameos 😳 cameos that you’ve probably never even noticed before. we aren’t even talking cameos from little stars either … ruddy peter jackson (of lord of the rings fame) appears as the deranged santa that stabs our main character.

i’ve only put in jackson because he’s super impressive … if you want to read about more cameos, you can find my source ->here<- 🤓

on that note, i think that’s all if the pub trivia that you could need about hot fuzz! if you feel a hankering for more … just follow the link up there to my source 🤙🏻

right, bedtime 😱

night yo! 🚟 #tdil


feeling a need for more random facts about stuff? (yesterday’s one about f1 was particularly good 😏). all you have to do is go ->here<- and you’ll be enlightened!


(i’m 99.9% sure that i’m not allowed to use that image 🙃 in order to make me not get sued, go buy hot fuzz from ->here<-)

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