today i learned – sun 9th july 2017

i actually decided to look up today’s fact after it came to me during a formula one fuelled nap 🏎 … let’s be honest, it wasn’t the most exciting race that there has ever been.

i feel like i can’t be the only person who has ever wondered about today’s fact and it’ll totally be usable next time you watch f1 at the pub 😏

#tdil the reason why the three dudes on the podium spray champagne on the crowd below 🍾

these days, it seems that spraying champagne is something that has been adopted as a celebration by all sports, family gatherings, students and ballers … but you’ll be happy to know that it originated in motorsport 👍🏻

before we get into why, however, it’s probably worth mentioning how champagne even made its way into the sport in the first place?! turns out that it dates back to the 1950s – more specifically; the first ever french grand prix.

at the french grand prix, the winner was awarded a bottle of champagne 🥂 … which actually makes a lot of sense when you consider that the race took place at the gueux circuit in reims – the heart of champagne country 😍.

however, that isn’t where the celebration started 🙃 that didn’t occur until 1966 at the 24 hours of le mans. amusingly, it was actually a complete accident 🙈 due to the winner’s bottle of champagne being left in the sun and the pressure within the bottle subsequently building … jo siffert (race winner) accidentally sprayed the crowd!

the tradition was then sealed when the 1967 winner of the same race – dan gurney – imitated siffert and sprayed the crowd 🍾 voila! the tradition is officially born 😬.

there you have it! you have those crazy kids at le mans to thank for the tradition that we all know and love 🙂.

don’t really have anything else to say on this 😂 let’s hope that the race at sillystone, next weekend, is more interesting than this weekend’s … regardless, at least you’ll be able to spout this fact at all your mates 🤙🏻.

anyhew, i’m off now 😎

laterz yo 😜 #tdil


genuinely love today’s fact 😅 i’ve actually wondered it for ages but always forget to find out the info! if you feel like learning more, you just have to go ->here<-


(absolutely zero copyright infringements today … because i took that photo myself 🤓)

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