today i learned – fri 7th july 2017

when i was first told today’s fact, i 100% totally didn’t believe it … it was contested by multiple people in the room and it wasn’t until the internetweb was consulted that any of us let it go (let it goooo ❄️).

that said, now that i know this is a legit thing, i’m glad that i was told it (the person who started the discussion doesn’t deserve a credit though … she’s not worth it 😜 #playfulbanter #itsthatkindoffriendship)

#tdil that multiple people either die or are injured by stray bullets due to ‘celebratory gunfire’ every new year 😳

yep, honestly, that’s a legit stat 🙈 … every year in puerto rico, two people die and another 25 people are injured due to celebratory gunfire in new year’s eve 🔫.

whilst i’m dobious that those exact two numbers happen to occur every year, it makes perfect sense that there are injuries and deaths due to falling bullets during celebrations like new year’s eve … i mean, what goes up has to come down 🙃.

in fact, bullets that are fired up in the air actually plummet back to earth at a velocity of between 300 and 700 feet per second – it takes a velocity of just 200 feet per second I penetrate your noggin bone 💀.

after doing some research, it would appear that injury and death due to celebratory gunfire is a pretty ‘common’ thing in various places in the states (by common i mean it isn’t rare … i don’t mean it happens everyday!)

it happens often enough for there to be official punishments in place for those who take part in celebratory gunfire and injure/kill someone – being slapped with all of the penalties for manslaugther is very likely. these days, just taking part in celebratory gunfire can land you in the slammer for a year due to being charged with ‘discharging a firearm into the air’.

i guess i found this fact quite amazing because it’s so alien to someone who lives in the uk … the only we have to worry about on new year’s eve is very drunk people falling over in the streets and the very real possibility that you could drown in the toilet after having fallen asleep giving it a passionate cuddle 🙈

maybe you’ll be able to use this fact in a pub quiz one day 🤔 failing that, at least you’re now aware should you ever spend your new year at a wild party somewhere in the states!

time for create myself a bulletproof hat me thinks … as it’s for new year’s, i might even add beer holders and all sorts! #yolo.

ta rahhhh y’all 🍻 #tdil


i hope that you enjoyed that random little fact! if you feel like reading some more random drivel, all you have to do is go ->here<- … see, i made it easy for you and everything!


(if you set google to give you images of celebratory gunfire that you can actually use for free … all relevant images disappear 👍🏻. for that reason, you’ve got a cannon today … it’s part of a 21 gun salute and is therefore relevant 😬 license ->here<-)

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