today i learned – thurs 6th july 2017

this fact that i do in fact have for thee today may just make you very happy … it’s an excuse to drink alcohol 😬🍸

but wait, there’s more! it’s also a way to stop mosquitos from trying to eat you 👍🏻 something that i for one really need in my life 😭

#tdil that drinking gin and tonic can deter mosquitos 😎 … literally the best way to get rid of horrid insects that want your blood! 

it’s true! in fact, it’s actually the very thing that caused gin and tonic to become popular within he british colonies #ginhistorylesson.

you see, way back in the days of colonial india, people realised that mosquitos weren’t a fan of the quinine that could be found within tonic water. this was good … nobody wants to be bitten by a malaria-carrying mosquito 🙃.

for that reason, the british would drink loads of tonic water to ward off the mozzys … the problem was that the quinine was supper bitter and was, for many, unpalatable. the solution? mix it with gin of course! 😄 hey presto, we have the g&t 🤙🏻

so yeah, gin and tonic can deter mosquitos and stop you getting bitten … well, it could back in the day 😅 (this is the inevitable part that i ruin all of the good vibes #sorry)

i’m sorry to report that most modern tonic waters don’t contain all that much quinine and therefore they don’t actually make mozzys go away 😭. at least, that’s what the internet says – when can the internet really be trusted? (other than this blog, of course 😬)

i think that the only way to really test if this works is for us all to drink many many gin and tonics 😏 if that doesn’t give us a conclusive result, then we’ll just have to try again next year as well #notaquitter #afterresultsforyou

right, on that fairly pointless note, i’m going to go drink gin to figure out if it’ll stop insects from chewing on me 👍🏻

tat tarrrrrr 👀 #tdil


if only this post had been sponsored been fevertree 😱 that would literally be the dream 😍 #futuresellout. anyway, if you want to learn some more stuff (like how dolphins get high) just go ->here<- 🙂


(i’m actually amazed that i managed to find a picture with legit gin in it that i’m free to use! personally, i prefer boodles … but, you know, needed an image yo! license is ->here<-)

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