today i learned – weds 5th july 2017

today’s fact is one that i really didn’t ever expect to learn … especially as it came from a video on youtube with absolutely zero relevance to animals!

the fact concerns itself with everyone’s favourite clever water dweller – dolphins 🐬 … i’m not yet certain whether i’m impressed or disappointed 🤔.

#tdil that dolphins chew puffer fish on ‘porpoise’ (dolphin joke 😂) to get high #dolphinsbetrippin.

yep, that’s right, one of nature’s cleverest creatures doesn’t spend its time trying to do clever stuff – like planning to overthrow human life – it spends its time getting baked with its chums 🙈. honestly, this fact though 😂.

it’s not like the dolphins are on the safe stuff either; they’re busy getting their kicks off the pufferfish, a fish that creates a toxin that can easily kill in large doses 🐡.

to get around this scary time, dolphins have used their clever little noggins to figure out how to gently chew on a pufferfish in such a way that they ingest only a small amount of the toxin – in small amounts it has an almost narcotic effect.

i’ve also learned today that dolphins aren’t selfish 👍🏻 after having a little chew, they always pass the poor lil pufferfish on to their mates so that they can also get their kicks 😂.

now, i know what you’re thinking 😏 what does a stoned dolphin actually look like? according to a bbc documentary that caught some dolphins in the act, apparently they go into a daze, become amazed with their own reflection on the water’s surface and just generally act a bit weird 🤙🏻.

want to see it for yourself? well, it’s your lucky day! here’s a video explaining everything you just read but with the visuals of delinquent dolphins getting high –

there you go! much like a stereotypical university student, dolphins are using their cleverness and potential to get themselves squiffy 🙈 pretty interesting fact though!

not much else to say on it … so i’m going to stop rambling! cue the standard end of post jargon!

laterz 😏 #tdil


pretty good fact that one! still feel like you want some more brain food? all you have to do is go ->here<- 😎


(obviously, today’s fact had to come with a photo of some dolphins 🐬 those particular dolphins are spinner dolphins … not sure if they get high 🤔 they might be the straight edge species 🙃. anyway, license is ->here<-)

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