today i learned – tues 4th july 2017

today’s fact is quite possibly going to debunk a myth that almost every child will have definitely heard whilst in the playground at school.

in fact, the thing that we’re looking into today is something that actually terrified me during good ole hayfever season 😳

#tdil the reason why your eyes always close when you sneeze 🤧 

right, first of all, it’s time to go all mythbusters all up in here 😎 … in primary school, i was always told that your eyes closed when you sneezed so that your eyes remained in situ 🙈. that’s right, as far as my fellow pupils were concerned, if you sneeze with your eyes open, your eyes are gon’ pop straight out of their sockets! 😶 ummmm…

turns out that myth just isn’t true, i’m afraid 😅 there’s literally nothing in your anatomy that would cause your eyes to pop out of your face because of a sneeze #awks. your eye sockets are in no way connected to your nose and there’s no way for your nose to transfer the mad pressure of a sneeze to your eye holes 👀

so, myth debunked, what is the actual reason?! if i’m honest, it’s a tad boring and i feel a bit bad for this session of mythbusting 🙃 #soz

the real reason why your eyes close when you sneeze is quite simply reflex! you see, both your eyes and your nose (head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes … that wasn’t relevant) are linked by cranial nerves. this means that, when you sneeze, the stimulation travels up one nerve to the brain and down another to the eyes … subsequently causing a blink!

that said, it is possible for some people to sneeze with their eyes open (which i imagine looks very weird 😅) without them becoming a pirate ⛵️ <- there isn’t a pirate ship or pirate emoji 😭

and there you go … you’re now cleverer than you were five minutes ago 🙂 there’s also a very real chance that i’ve shattered a childhood myth that you loved … so yeah, sorry about that! (at least you can live with piece of mind now that you know your eyes aren’t going to go on holiday from your head when you sneeze 😁).

on that happy little note 🙈 i’m off yo 🙅🏻‍♂️

tatty bye peeps 🤓 #tdil


short and sweet today 😎 pretty interesting sneeze fact though 👍🏻 feel like reading some more crazy useless shizz? don’t worry, i got your back 😘, just go ->here<-


(today’s picture is literally so grim 😷 but, you know, this was about sneezing and that picture is the cold hard reality of a sneeze 😳 … license ->here<-)

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