today i learned – mon 3rd july 2017

today’s fact might actually be the most topical fact we’ve had to date … like, i’ve actually related it to something that’s happening in the real world?! #gome

anyway! the ‘something’ that i’m referring to is that little tennis tournament called wimbledon … you may have heard of it? 🤔

#tdil the reason why tennis balls are kept in a refrigerated container ❄️

it being a tennis tournament, tennis balls are rather important at good ole wimbo 🎾 … in fact they’re so important that they go through an insane 54,520 tennis balls during the tournament 😱. the strange thing is that each of those is chilled to 20 degrees (68F) … why?!

well, i’ve done some leg work and can now answer that question for you 😎 – turns out, it’s about performance; you see, the tennis balls perform optimally at that very specific temperature.

the reason why they perform optimally at a certain temperature is due to the way that they’re designed. inside a tennis ball is a rubber core, inside that rubber core there is pressurised air – this air is what gives the tennis ball its bounce.

those who paid attention in science whilst they were at school 🤓 will note that temperature has a direct impact on air pressure and will, therefore, subsequently effect the amount of bounce. 20 degrees is apparently the temperature that gives your tennis ball optimal bounce 👍🏻.

keeping tennis balls chilled isn’t even a new thing! in 1968 they used to keep the balls on centre court cool in an actual court side fridge to ensure ‘consistency of bounce’. according to the new yorker magazine, the at the time head groundskeeper – robert twynam – also used the fridge to store milk and butter whilst he didn’t have a fridge at home 😂

but yeah, there you have it – tennis balls are kept super chill in order to ensure that perform with optimal bounce 🙌🏻 … who said tennis was all about the athletes performing?!

i’ll be honest, i actually quite liked this one today 😬 maybe there should be some more wimbo facts over the next couple of weeks 🤔 let me know people!

anyhew, i’m off!

laterz 🤘🏻 #tdil


dude, how interesting was that?! still hankering for some more awesome facts? all you have to do is go ->here<- 🙂


(as you an probably tell, today’s image is of a tennis ball 🎾 wonder if that one has been chilled correctly 🤔 … image license is ->here<-)

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