today i learned – sat 1st july 2017

ok, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – this year seriously needs to slow down! how on god’s green earth is it already july?!😳

another thing that seriously needs to slow down is the amount of pollen that is apparently floating around 😒 i literally don’t think i’ve stopped sneezing today 😭 … once again, i’ve digressed 😂🙈.

#tdil that you can use liquid nitrogen to make super cool (well, freezing cold) coke coconuts that are solid on the outside and liquid on the inside 😍.

now, i’ll be honest, this post is going to be a short one on account of it once again being late and me being exceedingly tired. as such, i’ve turned to youtube for some fact based inspiration.

of course, the king of random has once again blown my mind with something awesome 😱 and on this occasion, super tasty!

so, what are these coke coconuts and how do we make them? well, it’s pretty simple really 🙈 they’re basically just a frozen coca cola shell that is filled with unfrozen coke … literally just like a coconut. to be honest, it’s mainly just a way of keeping drinks cold and limiting the amount of washing up at a party 😂 (you know, because the ‘shells’ are edible 😏

want some of your own? wondering how they’re made? unfortunately, you’ll need yourself some liquid nitrogen 😒 something that i’m not sure just anyone can go and purchase 🤔.

if you can, however, secure yourself some super chilly nitrogen, all you have to do is part fill a balloon with flat coke (works with other soft drinks too) and then submerge it in the liquid nitrogen for a while 🙃

i won’t go into much more detail about the timings and exact science, but that is literally the whole process! … once frozen sufficiently, you just need remove the balloon and then enjoy!

now, if you would like the details of how this experiment works, i’m going to leave them up to the expert (the one whom taught me all of this mad info!). all you need to do is grab a chair and some popcorn and watch the below video!

that’s pretty much it! if you can get your hands on the crucial super cold ingredient, then you’re cooking on gas 😅. sorry that this post has been kind of lame and rushed … i’m literally falling asleep as i write it 🙃 – normal service shall resume tomorrow 👍🏻

night everyone! 😴 #tdil


now, new people, i promise that my blog isn’t always like this … there’s usually a slightly more compelling topic on the agenda #itsoneofthoseweekends. if you want some proof, just read some more of my posts ->here<-

(today’s image is a screen grab from the king of random’s video 🙂 go watch all of his shizz, it’s literally so cool!)

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