today i learned – thurs 29th june 2017

i’ll be completely honest, today’s fact came after a serious delve down the rabbit hole 🐰 that is the internetweb.

seriously, this fact was originally going to be about walking and the hadron collider … yet it ended up here?! don’t even ask 😂.

#tdil that thomas the tank engine didn’t actually feature in the original book – the three railway engines 🚂. dude appeared later on and stole the show 🙃.

in case you didn’t know (i didn’t) thomas the tank engine actually started as a book that was written by wilbert awdry. as mentioned above, it was called three railway engines and it actually focused on edward, henry and gordon.

you’ll notice a distinct lack of a certain very useful engine right there 😱. that’s because he didn’t even feature until book two, in the story ‘thomas and gordon’.

to start with, thomas was simply a station pilot engine (don’t know what that means 🙃) but he always wanted something more: to be an express train. eventually, in the fourth story, thomas is rewarded with his own line after his rescues james.

thomas was based on a toy that awdry’s son got for christmas (all the books were originally only written for awdry’s son) 🙂.

right, i think that’s probably enough cartoon based facts for one day 🙈 … actually! one last bonus fact – thomas had number one on his side because it was the easiest number to paint 😂

that’s really it now! i think there’s a 5% chance that this fact will one day help you in a surreal pub quiz … it might not … who knows?! either way, at least you’re smarter now than you were 👍🏻

byeeeeeeeeee 💪 #tdil


this was a strange one today 🤔 we’ve never had anything old school story/cartoon based before. if you feel like something more modern, you just need to go –>here<–

(hey look, it’s a picture of thomas the tank engine! am i allowed to use said picture? who even knows, most of the license is in japanese 🤙🏻 you’ll find it –>here<–)

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