today i learned – tues 27th june 2017

i’m currently sat in an entirely dark room (due to a seemingly unending power cut) listening to the crackle of my brilliant wood wick candle … not gonna lie, it’s ruddy sublime 🙌🏻 should do this more often.

this isn’t a shameless plug of wood wick (because i have like five readers … i’d totally sell out for wood wick though 🙃) but you should totally purchase yourself one … smells great, sounds brilliant – it’s like having a fireplace in my room! 😍 anyway, this is totes irrelanvent … on with the show 🙈

#tdil the reason why beer fizzes up when you hit the top of the bottle with another beer bottle 🍺 … (told you that awesome sounding candles were totally irrelevant).

i’m pretty sure that most people have been exposed to this age old prank … you know, the one where you take your beer bottle and hit the top of your mate’s bottle. this subsequently makes a mess due to your mates beer spewing out of the top of the bottle.

have you ever wondered why this happens though? how can one hit (power just came back on … 100000000 house alarms are now going off) cause a beer to foam up and spew from the top of a bottle? no? 😳 … well, wonder no more, i have the answer!

surprisingly, the reason for the so called ‘foam volcano’ 🌋 has confused physicists for quite some time! they managed to figure out why guinness bubbles sink and the exact components of beer foam, but apparently this stumped them (to be honest, i’m wondering why physicists have so much time to waste?!)

anyway, long story short, they’ve figured it out 😎. apparently, hitting the top of a beer bottle causes lots of little mushroom clouds to develop within the beer! it’s these that cause the beer to turn super foamy and spray from the neck of the bottle.

sounds simple enough doesn’t it? well, unfortunately the reasons behind the mushroom clouds are slightly more complicated 😅. firstly, the strike to the top of the bottle makes waves flow down the bottle and causes tiny bubbles to pulsate – this causes them to shrink and swell.

eventually all of this shrinking and swelling becomes too much for the poor little bubbles and they collapse violently. all of the new tiny fragments of bubble now start to grow real quickly; this is due to the increased surface area and the new found ease that carbon dioxide has getting into the bubbles. as they get bigger, they become lighter and start to rise.

this is where shizz really hits the fan 😳. as the bubbles get bigger and lighter and risey-er, it gets easier and easier for carbon dioxide to mix with them. that just causes them to get even bigger and even lighter 🌋 things just keep on perpetually escalating.

as things continue to #escalatequickly, the small mushroom clouds of bubbles start to form in the beer … net result? mad beer volcano!!!!!!

this turned out to be a lot longer than i expected it to be 😅 urmmmm, hope you found it interesting though!? 😳. i’ll be honest, i’m not really sure when you’d be able to use this 🤔 if you tell your mates this, then you’ll probably end up with beer on your head 🙈

anyway … i’m going to bed now 😂

byeeee 🦆 #tdil


today, i feel like i managed to explain physics that was totally useless 😂. fancy reading something a bit less useless? simply go –>here<–

(due to the whole ‘mushroom cloud’ thing, i decided to go with a mad nuclear mushroom cloud 😂 it’s a similar science, so you know. anyhew, i think i’m allowed to use it … license is –>here<–)

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