today i learned – mon 26th june 2017

for today’s lovely little fact of the day, we’re heading back into the disturbingly interesting world of tiny bugs.

this fact actually came from snapchat again … that is quickly becoming one of my major sources of content … i’m not really sure how i feel about this 🤔.

#tdil that there is a bug out there that has the power to turn you vegetarian 🍔.

tad mental that isn’t it!? a small bug that can actually alter the way that you eat through the art of making you allergic to meat!

the creature in question is actually a little tick called the ‘lone star tick’ 🕷 . traditionally the little creature is from south-eastern us states but it has started poking up its little head all over the place (in the us) due to warmer weather.

so, just how does a tiny little tick make you allergic to meat? well, it’s all down to a sugar molecule called alpha-1, 3-galactose (alpha-gal) that it carries around. this little molecule has the power to reprogram a person’s immune system in such a way that they become allergic to meat – forever.

yep, you read that right – f o r e v e r 😭. it’s all because of how your body reacts to the tick’s bite and the subsequent exposure to alpha-gal that follows; as it should, your body’s first reaction to the tick’s bit is to create an antibody that combats the scary new molecule.

but, therein lies the problem – red meats also contain the same sugar molecule. this means that every time you consume red meat, you’re exposed to alpha-gal again and your immune system instantly tries to fight off the molecule … this causes an allergic reaction.

you may find yourself asking whether you can just man up (woman up 💪🏻) and ignore the reaction – can’t be that bad … can it!? well, symptoms can range in everything from hives and shortness of breath to fainting and, in serious cases, straight out difficulty breathing 😳 which isn’t great when it comes to the whole not dying thing #notideal.

so, there you have it 🙃 you can now sleep well knowing that there is a small creature out there that wants to ruin steak and burgers for you! now, before you struggle to sleep, don’t worry yourself too much – cases are still pretty rare thumbs up … but they are on the rise in the states … so, you know

night 🙂 #tdil


well, wasn’t that a dream of a post 😅 nothing better than a post about a bug that might ruin tasty red meats 😢. fancy reading something a bit happier? simply find yourself some more reading –>here<– (i can’t promise you’ll find anything less disturbing).

(that is an image of the lone star tick – you can tell that because of its little white mark that looks like something off the texas flag #bonusfact. anyway, that image came from the cdc and a dude named james gathany … link to the page is –>here<–)

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