today i learned – sun 25th june 2017

before i begin this, let me warn you that there’s potential for an f1 spoiler to leak out during this blog post. as such, if you’re precious about f1 results … don’t read his until after watching azerbaijan 2017 👍🏻

those of you who are still with me, let’s go 😏. if you’re an f1 fan like myself, then you’ve probably just witnessed one of the best races that we’ve had in a good while 🙊.

i mean, we finally have a race from the hybrid era that people in the future might watch on ‘f1 classic races’ 🏎. I’m over the moon for stroll and his final position 🍾 but it was the catalyst for today’s curiosity and subsequent fact!

#tdil how much it costs to buy a seat at a formula one team 💰💰 (well, how much it cost lance stroll at least).

now, i’m by all means not wanting to take anything away from lance and his fantastic drive today, that’s not the point of this post … i’m just generally curious about how much it actually costs.

it’s formula one, so as you’d expect there are some pretty big numbers involved … what surprised me was just how big! for the canadian teen’s dad, it cost a whopping $35million to get his son in the williams 😱 – the most expensive seat ever bought in the sports history.

but that’s not where it stops … it actually costs a whole lot more than just the price of actually buying the seat within the team. thanks to my incredible source (which i’ll link at the end) it probably cost something more like $80million 😳.

why the even bigger figure? well, ten years of karting and formula two racing went into lance’s foray into formula one, that’s before you even consider the amount of simulator work and test laps that stroll put in once he had joined williams.

i’m not going to go into any more depth than that, simply because the source i used has taken the time to figure out all of the figures and where they were spent and i don’t want to just steal all of it!

so yeah, buying into a formula one team is really really expensive 🙃 just in case you’ve ever wondered i guess 😂. if you’d like to read all of the figures and a genuinely interesting look into how lance got where he is, you just need to go –>here<–

as i said at the start, lance is an insanely good driver that has genuinely earned his seat within the team – so i’m not taking anything away from him being in the sport or his stellar performance today 😬

anyhew, laterz 😘 #tdil


i hope that you find a good way to use this lovely bit of info … like, i don’t think you’ll be winning any quizzes with it but at least it’s some decent pub chat ammo. if it’s pub quiz winning facts that you’re after then you need to read more posts –>here<–

(now, i totally didn’t expect this but i managed to find a picture of lance’s car that is actually usable?! f1 images are usually impossible to find without a £20,000,000 price tag #winning. license can be found –>here<–)

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