today i learned – sat 24th june 2017

**note: i didn’t finish this before the taxi arrived … so it’s posted very late and half of it was written after much drink … 🥂🍾🍺🍸 #lol. right, on we go!**

alright, this one is going to have to be fairly quick … we’ve a taxi arriving in, like, ten minutes to take us into town and these posts usually take about thirty mins to write 😳

so, in lieu of a time machine that can be used to make me more productive earlier today, we’re just gonna have to get on with the show!

#tdil that it is a myth that sharks can’t get cancer 🦈

now, there are two prongs to this fact that make it sad 😢 firstly, it means that some poor sharks out there are suffering from cancer and secondly it means that all of those people selling shark cartilage as a cancer preventative are lying 😠

yep, it’s an age old tale that sharks don’t get cancer and it turns out that (in part at least) it’s all a lie to help people sell more shark cartilage 😢 #itsaconspiracy. in fact, there are zero scientific studies to support it as a thing!

the myth was started back in the 1970s by henry brem and judah folkman from the john hopkins school of medicine, after they noted that cartilage helped to prevent the growth of new blood vessels into tissues (this is one of the key characteristics of bad tumours).

the dudes did some experiments, using the cartilage of various animals, and found that inserting cartilage next to a tumour prevented it from growing. a young researcher named robert langer later reasoned that sharks would be the best source of cartilage for mainstream production … as they’re entirely made of cartilage 😳.

further compounding the issue, in 1992 dr.i william lane published a book called ‘sharks don’t get cancer: how shark cartilage could save your life’ 😒. it was a best seller and apparently featured a clinical trail that was ‘a bit shoddy’. lane co-authored a second book ‘sharks still don’t get cancer’ in 1996 and then, of course, started his own line of shark fishing and shark cartilage pills shortly after this #becausebusinessman.

both of these factors (and some others) have led to a whole load of poor sharks dying for pretty much no reason 😭 due to their cartilage being turned into pills and then being sold to people who are sadly dying of cancer and looking for any cure at all … it’s real sad and immoral.

in recent studies, the ‘fact’ that sharks don’t get cancer has been totally destroyed after scientists observed tumours on over 20 different species of shark … meaning that, whilst it’s rare for sharks to get ill or to get tumours, it totally does happen and they aren’t immune.

i think the thing to take from this is that you shouldn’t buy shark cartilage pills 😢 they just don’t do anything, i’m afraid 🙃.

anyway, it’s now 01:21am and this post is hella late #sorry so it needs publishing! hopefully you took some life lessons from it 😬. if you feel like learning more about this fairly fascinating topic (there is actually quite a long timeline!) then you can find my source –>here<–

goodnight y’all! 🍸 #tdil


well, how interesting was that?! do you still feel a hankering for some more facts? don’t worry, i got your back … you simply need go –>here<– to learn everything you could ever want to know.

(obviously, today’s image is a great white shark … one of the many species which has been found with tumours. sadly, i couldn’t use any pictures of great whites with tumours, so you’ve just got a standard great white. his license can be found –>here<–)

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