today i learned – fri 23rd june 2017

once again, you have snapchat to thank for this fact … which of course means that we’re totally getting weird and wonderful again today 🙈

(note: snapchat was just the inspiration 😅 i’ve used other sources to check this is legit and to get the details! #crediblesource)

#tdil there is a yearly festival in spain where people dressed as devils jump over babies 🙃👺

i know, that sounds literally so bizarre, but i promise you that it’s a genuine thing. it takes place mid-june of every year in the village of castrillo de murcia.

so, what’s it all about? why on earth are people dressing as devils and jumping over little kiddies? 👶🏻. well, it’s called the ‘festival of el colacho’ and it’s a mixture of pagan and catholic rituals that represent goods triumph over evil and date back to the 1620s.

held on the sunday after the ‘feast of corpus christi’ (don’t know what that is 🙃) it actually consists of a few interesting elements.

first of all, red and yellow masked devils run about hurling abuse at people and whipping them avec a stick with a horse’s tail on the end #standard 😳. this happens until drums signal the arrival of ‘atabalero’ (dudes wearing black who come to drive out evil) and the start of the ‘fight of the devil’ or ‘el salto del colacho’.

it’s at this point that the mad baby hurdles begin 👍🏻. wondering how it works? well, it’s pretty simple 😂 – babies born the year prior are laid on mattresses and then more devil costumed men jump over them.

at this point, you’re probably thinking the same thing i was: but why?! 🤔. don’t worry, i have the answer 👍🏻 basically, it is believed that the devil removes all of the bad juju from the babies … removed sins = protection against disease and misfortune (it’s pretty much just a really interesting baptism … totally beats going to a church and having water put on ya noggin).

feeling sorry for all of the spectators who aren’t babies and can’t have their juju de-baded? don’t, they got it covered 😏. spectators just hurl abuse at the colacho and that is believed to have the same effect!

how darn incredible is this?! like, as if this is a legit festival that happens every year and has for an absolute age?! 😂 want to know the best part? … there are no reports of any injuries during the death-defying baby hurdles! #epic

i think that’s enough internet for one day 🤓💻

catch ya on the flip side 🤙🏻 tdil


ok, i actually really enjoyed this one … it was an unexpected learning and i think i love it. fancy reading some more, just as useless, little facts? simply go –>here<–


(i’m 99% certain tenacious d might sue me for using that image … but i couldn’t find a picture of a spanish devil that i was allowed to use, so i took that from youtube O_O. as a courtesy to the fantastic tenacious d (and to hopefully stop me getting sued) why don’t you go watch the video that the screenshot is from –>here<– … it’s worth noting … there are a lot of swears, viewer discretion is advised!)

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