today i learned – thurs 22nd june 2017

now, if you’ve read some of my previous blog posts, then you’ll probably know that i’m fairly obsessed with space #thefinalfrontier 🚀. if you didn’t know until now … well now you do 🙃.

anyway, today’s little fact is something that was unveiled earlier this week and basically confirms that at some point aliens are going to come and invade earth 👽 (it doesn’t … but in my head it does).

#tdil that the kepler spacecraft has found a shed load of planets during its mission … some of which are earth sized and could have water! 🛰

before we begin, can we just take a moment to appreciate how much of a trooper the kepler space telescope is?! it left earth in 2009 on a three and a half year mission and is still going! thing is a total overachiever!

anyhew, on with what i learned today. during its mission kepler has found over 4000 potential planets – 2335 of those have been confirmed as exoplanets and 50 lie within the habitable zone of their star!

(i looked through a lot of sources when I was researching this and not one actually mentioned what an ‘exoplanet’ is. just in case you’re wondering, an exoplanet is a planet outside of our solar system that orbits a star 💫)

in the most recent and final kepler catalog that nasa released just this week, they announced that kepler had found a further 219 exoplanets, 10 of which are within the habitable zone and could therefore have water on them.

how amazingly exciting is that?! there are sooooo many planets out there could possibly support life 👽. it’s starting to feel like we almost certainly aren’t alone.

i’ll be honest, i had planned to go deeper into this … but i’m not really sure where to go with it in a way that i actually understand 😅 so, i’m going to leave it here and go to bed!

if you don’t feel like you’ve quite filled your need for kepler based facts, you can read one of my more reputable sources –>here<–

tatty byeeeeeee 🚀 #tdil


this one made me go total space nerd 🤓 love a good potential extraterrestrial based fact. feel like you want some more interesting facts? simply go –>here<–


(so, i’m possibly allowed to use today’s image and i’m possibly not … the license –>here<– was really complicated O_O. regardless, that is an artist’s impression of kepler majestically navigating space)

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