today i learned – weds 21st june 2017

not going to lie, this one blew my mind a bit … it was one of those where i was looking around for something else and then this caught my eye.

to be honest, after actually researching the whole thing, it makes total sense but at first you’re going to be all like “erm…what?! 😳”

#tdil that we share 70% of our dna with slugs 🐌 (yes, that’s a snail … blame apple)

before you say anything, you totally read that correctly; i literally do mean those little slimy things that slide about … those creatures that karl pilkington once said “eat stamps and sweat glue” 😂.

it totally doesn’t sound possibly does it?! how on earth can we be so similar to something that is so alien when compared to us?!

well, it turns out that it all comes down the small details that keep us alive. things like the way in which we take in oxygen and then use it to convert basic stuff like carbohydrates and fats into carbon dioxide and energy.

when you think about it,there’s actually quite a lot that makes us similar: we both have eyes that are used for the same thing, we all have cells that work in similar ways and we both have have brains that use similar chemical principles to control our bodies.

the massive amount of similarities (i’ve far from listed them all there) kind of leave you wondering how we can be so very different when we are actually so alike. it’s the same thing when you think about chimps – we’re 99% identical to them, yet we’re so so different … how can that be?!

well, as i mentioned in my last post about dna and ageing, dna is a very precise and somewhat temperamental science. this means that even the slightest super tiny difference in dna can have a gigantic effect when it comes to the end result.

when you consider that fact and the massive difference between us and a species that’s 99% identical, it’s easy to tell understand how we can differ so much to slugs and their 70% identicalness.

i feel like i’m possibly going on a bit now but one guy explained this whole thing in a really elegant way and i wanted to include it. so, think of it this way: a vw beetle and a bugatti veyron are both very similar – they’re both cars, they both have four wheels and they both have engines – but are they the same? nope! 🚗

how’s that for a fact?! this is one of my favourite types of fact 😏 it’s one of those that you see and think “yeah, whatevs” and then you read a bit more and think “o.m.actual.g that totally makes sense?!”.

i hope you enjoyed this one shiny happy people 🙂 i didn’t even moan about the horrid, sticky, unbearable humidity that we’re enjoying in the uk 🙃.

see ya again tomorrow guys and girls 😘 #tdil


well, wasn’t that astounding?! feel like learning some more epic little factoids? all you need to do is go –>here<–

(obviously, today’s image had to be a snail! how could it be anything else??! that little critter was taken from google’s free-to-use section and of course wikipedia … you can find the license –>here<–

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