today i learned – mon 19th june 2017

ok so, in my current state of melting, writing this has become somewhat of an effort 😅 i know i moan a lot about the heat but honestly, my bed is now basically a bath 😭.

anyway! the net effect is that this may be quite a short fact i’m afraid (although, that’s partially due to the fact that there isn’t all that much to say about this one!)

#tdil that there are no end of corpses on everest that are used by climbers as waypoints!? ☠️ #morbid

it’s no secret that the climb up everest is a difficult one that shouldn’t be taken by the faint of heart! it’s a super challenging climb that is littered with no end of ways to die 😳.

in fact, it’s so dangerous that the mountain is covered with some 200 bodies of ex-climbers who sadly didn’t make it up or down.

no bother though, apparently the 200 bodies are used by people who are climbing up the mountain as waypoints … letting them know whereabout they are.

want an example? well, there’s one body that has been nicknamed “green boots”. sadly, this dude (they think his name was tsewang paljor) passed away in 1996 when he was separated from his party. paljor took refuge near a cave but ended up facing a very cold death 🙃. his (unnervingly well preserved) corpse is now used by climbers as a measure of how close they are to the summit?! #brutal

now, i already warned you that this was going to be a fairly morbid fact 😅 sozza. that said, this feels like one of those mad facts … like, people are using dead people in a totally chill way to figure out where they are!?

anyhew, that’s pretty much all there is to say on this! if you’d like to read some more examples (there are some more rather interesting stories) you can find my source ->here<- 😬

right, thanks for reading people! i’m going to attempt to sleep now in my sweaty mess of a state 😭

latez 🤤 #tdil


and there you go … another pub quiz worthy fact that might one day win you that all important point! feel like you need more ammo? simply check out the rest of the blog ->here<-


(we’ve got a lovely picture of everest today … isn’t it huge? #majestic. it’s from wiki again 👍🏻 license is ->here<-)

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