today i learned – sun 18th june 2017

it is literally so hot that my brain no longer works 😩 (i wanted to use a brain emoji there but apparently there isn’t one?!)

anyway, today’s random fact about life came about after a fancy auction appeared on my telly box and i started to wonder what the most expensive thing sold at auction ever was 🤔 i didn’t actually find out the answer to that … but i did find this gem 😘

#tdil that there are some parking spaces in new york that cost $1,000,000 each!!! 😱💵💵

how incredibly mental is that?! like, we aren’t even talking gold-plated prime parking spaces 😳. oh, how the other half live 💰💰

the ten parking spaces are located at a development in new york’s soho district. measuring between 150 and 200-square feet, the spaces are all first-come-first-serve.

want to know a mad fact about that mental price tag? the spaces are worth $5000 per square foot … meaning that they’re actually worth more per square foot than the actual apartments! 😱 they only cost $3,140 per square foot #pocketchange #cheapmuch

in case you’re wondering, the development is called 42 crosby street and as you’d expect, it’s ruddy stunning 😍. to be honest, when the ten parking spaces cost that much and the whole development was designed by a world renowned architect (annabelle selldorf), you’d accept nothing less than ruddy gorgeous!

there’s not much else to say about this if i’m honest! if you’d like to have a peruse at the rather stunning apartments, all you have to do is go –>here<– 😬.

in the meantime, i’m going to go for a shower and then sleep before another exciting week of work begins! 😁 (i legit mean that … no sarcasm here)

byeeeee funky house frogs 🐸 #tdil


oh, hey again! 🙂 not feeling like buying a super expensive parking space? why don’t you take some time out to read another of my magical blog posts? 😬 just go –>here<–


(i’ll be honest, i took that image of the awesome building from their website 😅. it’s actually better than the one i linked before … so you should go look –>here<–)

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