today i learned – sat 17th june 2017

being the geek that i am, i decided to update my phone to the ios11 developer beta and get the unstable first version of ios11 👍🏻 turns out, the wordpress app doesn’t work with ios11 yet 🙃 #inconvenient.

anyhew, i’m now having to write this in notes and then i’ll hope for the best that this will copy and paste properly 😳 (the silverlining is that notes now has a very aesthetically pleasing font)

#tdil the reason why panting helps dogs to cool down when it’s mad hot 🐶

now, it’s fairly common knowledge that dogs pant when they’re warm in order to help them regulate temperature – after all, it must be really really hot on a 30degree day like today when you’re covered in fur 😅.

but have you ever wondered why panting actually helps? i have … and that’s why today’s post exists 😂.

the first thing that i’ve learned whilst researching this is that dogs can actually sweat?! i literally didn’t know that. as you’d probably expect, all that fur means that they can’t actually sweat through the majority of their body but they can sweat through the bottom of their paws and through their nose 🙂.

now, as you can probably understand, just sweating through those five tiny areas really isn’t enough to help regulate their body temperature … as such, dogs rely on their respiratory system.

initially breathing in through their nose, the air is cooled as it goes to the lungs. as things get hotter, dogs start to pant in order to take air in through the mouth. this causes the saliva to evaporate; cooling the blood in the veins, the capillaries of the tongue and subsequently the circulatory system 😬.

basically, the blood flowing around the mouth is cooled and is then fed to the rest of the body to cool everything else down 🔥 – including their overall core temperature.

fini! now you know the reason for dogs panting 😬 … well, the details behind why. (hopefully you do at least – that depends entirely on whether this has copy and pasted correctly 😅).

right, i’m off to enjoy some more of this insanely, unbritish, weather 🙃.

in a bit 💁🏼 #tdil


due to the actually hot weather, this felt like a pretty topical one today! (unless you’re reading this in december ❄️). if you fancy reading some more, you just have to go –> here<–


(today’s image is a picture of my doggo looking unimpressed at the reason why he pants 😂)

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