today i learned – fri 16th june 2017

due to an incredible need for sleep … we’re going to get straight into it today 😎 (i seem to say that quite a lot on this blog 😅)

anyway, if you’ve ever edited a video in a program like imovie before, then this little fact may just tickle your fancy 😏.

#tdil who ken burns is and why there’s a video effect named after him! 🎥

for those of you who aren’t aware, ken burns is an effect that you can use when adding a static image to a video. instead of just filling the screen with the whole static image, the effect will crop to a detail and then pan across the image … it’s just a tad more interesting 👍🏻.

but why is it called ‘ken burns’?! whilst you may think that you can guess the answer quite easily … it isn’t actually just a case that a dude called ken burns invented it!

the effect was actually just named after ken because of he got known for using it extensively in his documentary films … (ken is a documentary filmmaker 🎥).

in fact, the effect itself actually predates him! ken accredits another documentary filmmaker named ‘jerome liebling’ for teaching him the technique in the first place. (update: you can read all about jerome ->here<-)

if i’m honest, i think that kind of sucks for poor ole jerome 😢 … you teach your pal a trick, he overuses it and then it’s named after him instead! #charming

that’s going to do it for me tonight 😰 quite a quick one today … but, you know, sleep is required 🙈

ta tahhhhh 😴 #tdil


hmmmmm, i can’t actually figure out whether i like this post or not 🤔 meh, anyway, if you’d like to read something more, simply go –>here<–
(hey look! i found a picture of ken burns that i could actually use 🙊 genuinely didn’t expect that! ken is the dude on the right … not gonna lie, i’m not entirely sure who the other guy is 😳. license –>here<–)


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