today i learned – weds 14th june 2017

i want to start today’s post with an update on something that i wrote about at the end of last month: apple always showing 09:41 as the time when they release an iphone 📱 (you can read that –>here<–). 

whilst doing a screen recording of my iphone earlier today, i found out that your phone automatically sets the time to 09:41! #mad. random fact no1 there 👍🏻 you can have that one for free 😬. anyway, on with the show…

#tdil that bill gates hacked his school’s class scheduling system so that he was put in classes with girls 😏 #slyoldfox (interestingly, iphones don’t try to capitalise bill gates’ name 🙈 #awks)

it’s true! bill said so himself! he used to hack his school’s scheduling program (a program that he’d written) with his microsoft co-founder paul allen so that he could meet girls 😎. 

turns out that bill had trouble meeting and talking to girls when he was younger (i hear you brother 🙌🏻), so instead the guys would up his chances of getting a date by rigging the system and placing bill in classes where he’d be the only guy with lots of girls! 

discussing this in an interview with the bbc, bill said that paul was two years above him and went off to college shortly after their dastardly doings … meaning that he never saw any of the benefit! 🙈

after yesterday’s super long and deep fact, i feel that this short easy one was warranted 👍🏻. amusing, isn’t it! 🤙🏻 

a random supplementary fact for today: the blog got another month older yesterday! 😃 … i think that means that it’s now three months old 😅 … i think 🙃. 

anyhew, seeya again tomorrow yo! 🤓

au revoir! 😘 #tdil


interesting, huh? 😏 what a sly ole fox bill gates was! it’s always the quiet ones 😜. fancy some more facts? simply click –>here<– … see, i made it easy for you and everything. 


(once again, i’ve been raiding my favourite part of google images 😎. today’s image is of bill gates (you already knew that) and the license can be found –>here<–)

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