today i learned – mon 12th june 2017

after yesterday’s rather practical and usable fact, we’re going back to just random interesting stuff 👍🏻 … the blog is back to normal 😂.

that said, today’s fact isn’t total drivel like a lot of the posts on here 🙂 instead, it’s one that might just blow your mind. 

#tdil that soap doesn’t actually clean your hands by killing germs 💀 … well, soap that isn’t antibacterial anyway (more on that later).

contrary to what you may have been told your entire life, soap just helps to remove germs from your hands rather than actually kill it. 

you see, all those microbes that you get on yourself throughout the day, cling on to your body by sticking the natural oils that you create. once they’re stuck, they tend to just chill there until they make it inside your body/into someone else’s 😷. 

that’s where soap comes in – it breaks down the natural oils so that the bacteria slide of your hands/body when you rinse them (the act of rubbing your hands together also helps to break down the oils due to friction 👍🏻). 

so, what about the aforementioned anti-bacterial soaps? well, it turns out that they don’t actually work all that differently to regular soap 😳. yes, they do kill some of the germs … but apparently not all that many when compared to ‘vanilla’ soap 🙃.

there you have it, yet another thing that you’ve probably thought, all of your life, is actually a lie 😳 at least you know now! #yourewelcome

see you again tomorrow! 🤓 #tdil


that one was pretty different today 👍🏻 we’ve had multiple days of none-drivel … there’s something going on with this blog! 🙈 feel like seeing for yourself? just go –>here<–


(i actually took that picture 😬 so, for once, i’m totally allowed to use it!! 🤙🏻)

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