today i learned – sun 11th june 2017

today was spent wandering around sillystone whilst watching some mad loud british gt cars 😍 so as usual, the thing that i learned (well, re-learned) today was the power of uv and its ability to cook your face through dense clouds 😒

however, that super short paragraph doesn’t make for much a blog post 🙈 so i decided to do some investigating into something that i heard the other day 👍🏻

#tdil that you can put fruit in rice and it’ll ripen faster 🥝.

originally, when i was told that putting an avocado in rice made it ripen faster, i legit thought this was an old wive’s tale (was asking for a friend … not about that avacado life 💁🏼). turns out that it is totally a real life thing and i, therefore, couldn’t not investigate! 

so, how does it work? well, it’s all to do with harnessing and boosting the naturally occurring gases that the fruit creates. the gas in question is ethylene gas … a gas that fruits create by themselves and aids ripening after the fruit has been picked.

wondering where the rice comes in? turns out that uncooked rice is super effective at trapping ethylene gas 😏 … the subsequent effect being that it can speed up the natural process of the fruit ripening massively – like, by several days speed up the process.

you know what’s even better … if you entirely cover a piece of fruit in white or brown rice, the rice will surround it and ripen it evenly 👍🏻.

fini! whilst there wasn’t all that much to this one today, this is possibly one of the most useful things that we’ve featured on the blog so far! you can totally use this one in a “none pub quiz, i want fruit now” kind of practical way 😬 

after all that excitement … i think it’s time for bed 😂 

catch you again tomoz 🍋 #tdil


now, i cannot honestly say that anything else on this blog will be anywhere near as useful as this 😳 however, i can promise that some of it is super interesting 😎 don’t believe me? go look for yourself –>here<–


(naturally, today’s picture had to be of rice and, you know, rice is rice 😂 that said, you’d never believe how long i just spent trying to pick the right picture 😅 license is –>here<–)

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